Know All About Personalverrechnung Wien 

Accounting is a crucial part of every business, but have you heard of payroll accounting? Personalverrechnung Wien aims at setting everything, not just salaries and wages but also benefit costs and payroll taxes too. Payroll accounting mostly includes calculation, recording and analysis of various employees’ compensation slips, management, the accounting department and so on. In addition, payroll accounting also includes reconciling benefits and withholding taxes and deductions related to compensation. The calculation of payroll accounting is highly influenced by each country’s legal requirements. In addition, every mistake in payroll accounting will cost you a great amount of money. In order to avoid such mistakes, it is always advised to leave some work to experts. Give a visit to Dr. Weinhandl & Partner Steuerberatungs in Vienna to get your payroll accounting done with the help of experts without any mistakes. Appointing an expert will improve your payroll system’s efficiency, productivity and accuracy. It can help companies to reduce their workload by using their skills to provide solutions for the betterment of the organization. It will eventually reduce the workload of business organizations.  

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The following benefits are being provided -  

* Multiple payroll accounting for employees, freelance workers, occasional hours employees, managing directors and board members.  

* Determining monthly deductions from salaries or wages.  

* Calculating overtime payments, bonuses, travel expenses and so on.  

* Maintaining records on employee vacation, sickness, absence lists, etc.  

* Tax optimization of voluntary social benefits.  

* Get proper clarification of any legal issue which comes under labour, tax and social security law.  

* Advice on work agreements and the interpretation of collective bargaining payments.  

* Payroll accounting can help the business expand strategically and avoid overextending itself. 

* While creating an employment contract, taking advice from an expert will benefit you in the future.  

Why is Personalverrechnung Wien important?   

With the help of payroll accounting, one can keep track of all business expenses which are related to payroll. Some examples of business expenses are keeping track of individual employee compensation, employer portions of federal benefit withholdings, or even employee benefit payments and deductions. Payroll accounting also complies with local, state and federal employment laws and works accordingly. Without payroll accounting, you cannot get an estimate of the total cost of your employees and whether your business is making a profit or loss. You won’t be able to calculate any additional expense, including hiring any additional employee, spending some additional money for the repair of the office/firm or any other petty expenses.  

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What is included in Personalverrechnung Wien?  

Payroll accountants use their skills to accurately insert relevant information into the ledger. Payroll accounting is focused on all business expenses associated with employees. All expenses, liabilities and assets must be recorded for financial and compliance purposes, such as -  

  1. Gross wages, salaries and bonuses, and commissions- You should account for all earnings that an employee made during the fiscal year. If your employer offers overtime pay, check with your manager that it’s been approved for a particular employee.  
  2. Withholding employer and employee taxes – Tax figures that are withheld tax figures from an employee’s salary must be noted separately. Moreover, it is the right of an employer to choose how much they want to withhold.  
  3. Withholding of salary, insurance premiums and saving plans.

Role of a tax advisor in Vienna  

The accounting tax advisor ( Steuerberatung Wien) plays an important role in managing the entire administrative and accounting department, including checking the documents, issuing and entering invoices and monitoring payments and collections. Another important task of the accountant is the preparation of periodic and annual tax returns for legal persons and individuals, such as tax returns, certification single, VAT settlement etc. The professional accountant will suggest the most suitable tax solutions according to your needs and wishes. 
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Advantages of hiring a tax advisor ( Steuerberatung)  

1. Tax Advisory  

They know the client’s needs and work together as equals. With the focus on the essentials and their passion for numbers, they will find solutions that work for you. They are one of the largest firms of public accountants specializing in tax in Austria.   

2. Payroll  

Payroll accounting is characterized by ongoing innovations and many legal changes. It’s good to have an expert who is always up to date with technology. The experts will answer all your queries regarding payroll taxes, social security or labour law. As they are well aware of the challenges that you might face in the future, talking to the experts can help you to prepare yourself in advance.  

3. Financial reporting  

The experts offer you many additional services in the area of balancing and financial statements. The professional consultants will help you not only with the annual financial statements, but also will provide consultation in the areas of weakness and take appropriate actions.   

4. Advisory  

Your success is their target. Therefore, the focus is always on one element – the measurable benefit for you. They can solve the challenges and enjoy their positive results at a later stage. It does not even matter whether you employ one or one hundred employees for your workstation; your needs and wishes are of utmost importance to them.  


The Payroll Accounting team in Vienna works diligently to offer you tailor-made services that specifically meet your requirements. They offer optimal design and easy documentation to all thei clients. Theexperts offer the most premium quality services to each and every client. The payroll accounting team of Vienna protects against unexpected additional payments. The employees are specially trained and know their job pretty well. The expert professional will help you to fulfil every requirement related to payroll accounting. The team always make sure that your colleagues receive their payments on time, every time. Also, if you have any questions regarding social security or even labour law matters, the team closely work with lawyers and other specialists who can help solve your problem. For more details, feel free to call or contact them anytime!