Is Bangkok A Suitable Place For Expat Couples For Live In?

There’s a common misconception about Bangkok—several in fact. There first and most notorious misconception about Bangkok is that the city is only suitable for old, single Western men looking to retire and find themselves young women to spend their pension on. The next misconception is that Bangkok is a dangerous place for expats to live and that crime levels are through the roof. 

You’ll be pleased to learn that both misconceptions are untrue and wildly exaggerated. 

Is Bangkok popular with older men looking to enjoy the city’s vibrant and colourful nightlife? Absolutely. And does Bangkok—like any other major city—have its fair share of crime? Indeed, it does. However, provided you stick to the beaten path, keep your wits about you, and treat everyone with respect, the chances of you running into any problems are slim. 

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Here’s why Bangkok is a wonderful place for expat couples to live…

  • Warm and friendly people 

Thailand is affectionately referred to as “The Land of Smiles” – and with good reason. The Thai people are among the warmest, friendliest and most accommodating people on earth. If you are an expat couple looking for a place to call home overseas and wish to be welcomed with open arms, the Thai people and their inherent kindness and generosity will surprise you. 

  • Affordable cost of living 

While prices are certainly on the rise as Thailand’s economy flourishes and evolves, the cost of living in Bangkok, Thailand is still relatively cheap when compared to most other major capital cities throughout the world. 

From public transport and groceries, to luxuries like dining out and drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar with sweeping views of the city, you’ll find Thailand is a highly affordable place to live. 

  • Work opportunity 

Thailand is quite limited in the type of work that foreigners can do, however, there is ample opportunity for individuals with specialised qualifications. 

Whether you are looking to teach English, thrive in the tech sector, or move up in the hospitality industry, Bangkok is teeming with career opportunities. 

  • Luxury accommodation 

Just as the cost of living is cheap, the cost of accommodation in Bangkok—and the rest of Thailand—is impressively low (particularly given the quality). You can view these condos at Circle Sukhumvit 31 for the perfect example of what level of quality you can get and how much it will cost, on average. 

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  • Endless amenities 

Bangkok is a playground with a seemingly endless supply for distractions for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a keen artist, shopaholic, coffee-fiend, culture-buff, or you are more interested in fine-dining and soaking up panoramic views of the city, you will never run out of things to see and do in Bangkok!