Investing In American Gold Eagle 1 Oz Coins

The American Gold Eagle 1 oz is an official gold coin made in 1986 by the U.S. Mint. The 1-ounce coin is the most popular size for investors. Gold Eagles use iconic American imagery of liberty and eagles on the front and back. They contain 22-karat gold, which makes them both pure and durable.

There are good reasons American Gold Eagle 1 oz coins sell more than other bullions worldwide. Guaranteed by the U.S. Mint, they provide a convenient way to own precious metal that protects against inflation. Their wide trading makes them very liquid investments. The coins have tangible, stable value from real gold content. This diversified portfolios beyond just stocks and bonds. The trusted American Eagles combine great value with patriotic symbols for those new to gold coins.


American Eagle coins were created under a 1985 law called the Gold Bullion Act. The U.S. Mint started making new American Eagle gold coins yearly beginning in 1986. Different versions include a $10 coin, a $5 coin, and a $20 coin. The $20 coin was inspired by an old 1907 design considered very beautiful. Now, the American Eagle carries on this artistic tradition as the nation’s premier gold bullion coin option.

Design and Metal Composition

The obverse front of the 1 oz American Gold Eagle coin shows Lady Liberty confidently striding forward carrying a flaming torch in one hand, representing enlightenment, and an olive branch in the other, symbolizing peace.

The reverse back of the coin depicts a bald eagle in flight, clutching an olive branch as it returns to its nest with a female eagle guarding hatchlings in a protective pose. This imagery of family bonds represents strength and core American values.

Both the obverse and reverse designs draw from rich symbology rooted in American history. The coin contains one full troy ounce of 22-karat gold. This means 91.67% purity, rendering it both highly valuable as a precious metal and durable enough for handling over time and generations compared to soft 24K gold used in bars and jewelry.

Investment Value and Demand

There are several compelling reasons why the American Eagle 1 oz gold coin has sold more than any other gold bullion offering worldwide since its inception:

  • Coins hold intrinsic tangible value from verifiable gold content
  • Guaranteed by the sovereign U.S. Mint
  • Convenient, portable way to own pure precious metals
  • Widely traded makes it easy to buy and sell
  • Protects against inflation-eroding currency
  • Diversified investment portfolio asset allocation

Bottom Line

The American Gold Eagle 1 oz coin has become the top gold bullion investment coin globally, matched by a few alternatives. With over three decades of consistent minting by the United States, it merges enduring precious metal value with liquid traceability and instantly recognizable patriotic imagery.

Whether seeking a stable asset hedge, portfolio diversification, or simply an awe-inspiring gold coin memento, the American Eagle checks all the boxes. It distills the reliability of U.S. Mint stamping, the artistic heritage of an iconic American coin design, and the investment utility of tradable 22-karat gold into a uniquely appealing product.

New gold coin investors and seasoned collectors alike consistently turn to the American Gold Eagle 1 oz during inflationary times to allocate funds into real assets – and gain a token carrying the promise of liberty and economic freedom in the process as well.