How to Stop Hair Growth on the Body Permanently

Excessive body hair can make you feel awkward or ashamed, but it’s a fairly common problem. People can be born with a lot of body hair, or they can have a disease called hirsutism, which is caused by having a lot of androgens in their bodies.

You can try treatments and make changes to your lifestyle to help slow down the growth of body hair to make it less obvious. In this article, we will discuss ways to handle excessive body hair, as you read along, keep in mind that Lordhair produces men’s toupees and women’s wigs that help you spice up your style!

1. Dietary Changes

A balanced meal plan and regular physical activity can help you lose weight, which might reduce your androgen levels, which may be the cause of your extra body hair. To lose weight healthily, eat a well-balanced diet and try to work out for at least 30 minutes three to four times a week. Talk to your doctor before making sudden changes to your food or way of life to make sure they are safe for you. Focus on eating chicken and tofu for lean protein, whole grains, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods and drinks with a lot of sugar, like pop.

2.  Spearmint Tea

Science says that spearmint tea can lower the amount of androgens in your body, which could cause your body hair to grow too quickly. Get some spearmint tea or fresh spearmint leaves. Steep them in 1 cup (240 mL) of hot water for about 3 to 5 minutes, then strain out the leaves. If you want to slow down the growth of hair on your body, consider sipping spearmint tea once or twice a day.

3. Anti-Androgen

Anti-androgen drugs work to lower the amount of the hormone androgen in your body. This can help stop hair growth on your face and body. Talk to your doctor about anti-androgen drugs to find out if they are safe and helpful for you.

4. Peony Supplements

Peonies are used in traditional Chinese medicine. It may lower the amount of androgens in your body. Talk to your doctor before using peony because the amount you can take varies on your age, health, and other factors. You can buy peony pills at your local health food store or online, but you should talk to your doctor about how much you should take.

5. Shaving and Tweezing

Even though there is an ongoing misconception that shaving makes hair come back faster and thicker, this is not true. Using shaving cream on the area can help keep the skin from getting irritated. Shave in the way your hair grows to avoid cutting your skin. You can pull out particular strands with tweezers, or you can go to a salon or cosmetologist for an expert tweezing. Pulling hairs out by the roots will slow down their growth and make them less noticeable. Note that tweezing can hurt and can irritate the skin.

6. Waxing

Waxing can be painful, but it works to slow the growth of body hair. Since the hair is cut off at the root, it comes back more slowly, finer, and thinner. You can buy wax and put it on yourself at home, or you can go to a spa and have a professional do it. If you wax at home, use hard wax on sensitive areas like your face, underarms, and crotch lines. Soft wax can be used on your legs, back, chest, and arms, among other places. Most of the big stores sell cloth strips and wax that you can melt in the microwave. If you don’t want to melt your wax, you can also buy ready-made wax strips.

7. Electrolysis

It is a process in which a small needle is put into a hair shaft and an electrical current is sent through it. This stops the hair from growing. Most of the time, these treatments work best on small areas, but bigger areas can be treated in several sessions. Find a skilled electrologist in your neighborhood and visit to start treatment.

8.  Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis takes longer than laser hair removal, but your hair may come back between treatments. Usually, you would need four to six treatments spaced out over a few weeks to see effects that last. You can look online for dermatologists or skin specialists in your area who offer laser hair removal, or you can ask your doctor for a recommendation.

Hair Loss is a Common Problem

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Final Notes

Even though permanent hair removal is difficult to achieve, several procedures can effectively slow down and control the growth of body hair. Selecting the approach that best suits your skin type, and personal preferences is important because each procedure has a unique set of advantages, restrictions, and potential adverse effects. Do not forget to recover your confidence and look your best with Lordhair’s premium hairpieces!

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