How To Start A IBC In Malta

Starting an international business company can never be easy. It is a process that you must be keen on. Otherwise, you might not get the results you desire in the end. Well, it will be a good idea to learn what it takes to start one. But the actual steps to follow might not be available.

The valuable insights you need to register your company are all in this article. You will find it easy to get started using the insights we are about to share.

Here is what you should know. 

How Can You Start A Company In Malta?

Starting a company in Malta is a lengthy process that you must go through carefully. If you are looking forward to registering a company in Malta, then this process is worth keeping in mind. So, how can you get your business idea into a fully-fledged IBC in Malta today?

Below are the steps you must follow:

  • Choose Your Company Type

This is the first step you must take when going through company registration in Malta. You can consider a public or private limited liability company. You need to pick a type that fits into your plans and goals. There are differences between public and private limited liability companies.

  • Pick A Company Name

The next step is to choose a company name that best suits your needs. Your company name needs to resonate well with what your business does. It will also be vital to ensure that you pick a company name that people will remember easily if you want your business to succeed.

  • Have The Necessary Documentation

There are many documents that you must get ready before starting to set up an IBC in Malta. Well, your memorandum and articles of association are the most important documents you need. These documents contain all the details about your IBC.

  • Find A Certificate Of Registration

A registration certificate is a document showing your business is now in operation. You get issued with it after providing the Maltese registrar of companies with all the necessary documents. You can get your certificate of registration within 5–10 days.

  • I’m Now Registered, What Next?

You have done all the registration and are now ready to move on. But if you are new to Malta, you might wonder if this is all there is to do or if there is more. Well, yes, you can get started with business at this point. You need to ensure that you provide annual returns every year.

Starting an IBC in Malta might seem daunting when doing it for the first time. However, the insights we shared above can make it more effortless. Getting started with IBC formation in Malta has never been easier. But ensure you follow all these steps to the letter.

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Benefits Of Setting Up A Company In Malta

There are many benefits that you can get from Maltese company registration. It will be vital to ensure that you follow the steps we have shared above to ensure that you get the benefits you desire. Below are some examples of the benefits that IBC formation in Malta can bring.

They include:

  • Taxation Benefits

There are certain tax benefits that you can get from setting up an IBC in Malta. You can get tax refunds of up to 85% on the normal corporate tax rate of 35%. It is worth noting that you must disclose your income to agencies if you reside in countries that tax worldwide income.

  • Low Incorporation Costs

It will be an excellent idea to start an IBC because of the low incorporation and formation costs you can get. The minimum capital for the formation of a company in Malta currently stands at €250. This makes it affordable for anyone looking to set up an IBC in the country.

  • Strategic Positioning

Malta is one of the best locations to set up your business. Many daily flights are coming into Malta from Europe and northern Africa. This is because Malta’s location is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, making it a very strategic location.

  • Visa-Free Zone

It is worth remembering that Malta is located in the Schengen area. You might wonder why this is a benefit of starting an IBC in Malta. There are no visa restrictions for countries located in this area. This gives you the best chance to do your business freely in the area.

  • Multicultural and Multilingual

Malta is an extremely diverse country, which makes it one of the best places to set up an IBC. It will be easy to experience new cultures and the beauty of this country by setting up an IBC there. The good news is that you can still find a lot of English speakers within the country.

There are many more benefits that you can get from starting an IBC in Malta. If you were wondering how your business will benefit from this process, then you now know why it is worth following. These benefits will take your business to the next level and ensure growth.

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There’s no doubt that Maltese company registration isn’t an easy process. However, following the right steps will help ensure you get started with the process and get the desired results. All you need now is a business idea to start the process.


  • Can you register an IBC online?

Yes, you can go through most of the registration process online.

  • What type of company should you start in Malta?

All types of companies have pros and cons; choose one that suits your needs.

  • Can you close your company?

Yes, as long as shareholders follow due process.