How To Make Good Use Of Your Eaves

Eaves are some of the most underused features in an attic bedroom. It may be because they’re such integral parts of the structure of the home that we don’t associate them with any other use, but thanks to their design, sturdiness and built-in structure, they lend themselves to lots of functions.

If you’re struggling to envision how they can be transformed into anything other than the purpose they were built for, you’re not alone. Here are just a few ideas that will turn an overlooked structural element into a corner bursting with personality and practicality.

Eaves windows

The best thing about an attic or loft bedroom is that you are completely unobstructed when it comes to building a skylight just above your bed. Traditionally, attic rooms don’t get a lot of light due to their small windows, but eaves form the perfect frame for a skylight to be fitted into.

What’s more, it can be made into more than a skylight; you can even build it so the skylight runs down the length of the roof and onto the connecting wall, turning your room into a bright haven.

Blinds and shutters

Fancy a lie-in but the sun rudely wakes you up every morning? Install some stylish blinds and shutters with the help of your eves and enjoy aweekend lie-in completely uninterrupted. If you have a skylight, you can customise your blinds so they run the entire length of your overhead window.

Storage space

Eaves might present awkward spaces that stand-alone furniture won’t be able to fit in, but with the help of a fitted wardrobe, you can create elegant storage solutions that merge seamlessly with the design of the room. You will be making the most of the space available which, judging by most attic bedrooms, is not easy to come by.

Office or workshop

Probably the cleverest of all the entries on this list, eaves can also be transformed into offices or worktops if you’re short on space. Think of them as a built-in desk that only needs a swivel chair, some cosy throws and an assortment of desk plants to call it your home office.

Children’s play area

Kids loving climbing things, so eaves present a great opportunity for them to put this into good use. Line the eaves with soft blankets, toys and some seating and watch them fall in love with their new play area.