How to Get Phone Number for Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating service worldwide. There are millions of active users that would like to find new friends or a partner. It is definitely a great choice for those who have such goals. However, due to its specificity, some people don’t want to verify and thereby disclose their mobile phone number during registration on this platform, although this is a mandatory step. That’s why it became common to use temporary phone numbers for verification. Learn about getting the appropriate phone number for Tinder in this article.

Key features

Number of this kind often seems to people as something not really useful. But the real situation is completely different. It has several advantages for users to enjoy. Of course, the main one from them is the opportunity to register with any online service not using a personal mobile phone number. That peculiarity is useful in many cases and eliminates the need to reveal your own mobile phone number on the internet at all.

Secondly, this phone number has nothing to do with location restrictions which are inherent to SIM cards. It means that every user can get and activate a number in any country without physically changing his location, i.e., visiting another country. You can easily take advantage of a temporary number from Germany or Brazil when located in Greece, by way of example. There is no issue with doing something like this.

In addition, temporary phone number for verification provides user with full privacy. Working with it doesn’t require providing personal information. They are not being linked to the person who actually uses them. So, if there is a data leak or hack, worrying about possible consequences is absolutely unnecessary.

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Who can use such a number?

Being allowed to operate a temporary number is the most popular thing that bothers newcomers. Some of them think that this feature cannot be used by regular internet users, when in fact it can. There are no requirements for the potential customer. You only need to sign up for a specialized website or app that offers temporary phone numbers to get access to this tool. Most often registration on appropriate platforms is about providing a valid email address and setting up a password for an account.

Steps to get a phone number for Tinder

It is easy to obtain a temporary number for verification on Tinder these days. This option is offered by a few tens of different platforms, including a temporary phone number app called SMS-Man. It operates not only in the form of mobile and computer apps but also in the form of a website and even a bot on Telegram. You can use it in order to get a fresh phone number for Tinder from the cellular carrier in one of more than a hundred countries around the world whenever it is needed. Just do the following:

  1. Sign up for a profile on and verify entered email address if you have used one as the registration method.
  2. Log in to the website.
  3. Select a suitable payment method on the tab for recharging the balance and use it in order to refill your account.
  4. Choose the country of issue of the number on the home page.
  5. Search for Tinder in the section with supported websites and apps.
  6. Click on the button for purchase.
  7. Wait to get a temporary phone number.

If phone numbers from the specified country are in stock, then one will be given to you automatically in the next few seconds. You will be able to see it on the home page. In case there are no available numbers in the chosen country, then simply try changing it. Received temporary phone number can be utilized for appropriate purposes right after the reception. There is no need to configure it manually as it is being prepared for use by the system at the moment of purchase.