How To Cancel Grove Membership?

How To Cancel Grove Membership

You have come to the right place for knowing how to cancel grove membership as you do not need it anymore. If have you been stuck in between just because of your grove membership then do not have to worry. It will be easier for you to cancel your membership from the grove subscription. I will tell you about it in detail. Your questions like is it easy to cancel grove subscription or not? will be answered in this article. So let us see what we will need for how to cancel grove membership quickly.

How To Cancel Grove Membership?

Here are the easy steps that you must be looking for how to cancel grove collaborative membership. So let us see what are they quickly without wasting time.

  1. Open the Grove.
  2. Go to the login section.
  3. Enter your Credentials to get access.
  4. Now go to the My Shipments section.
  5. Search for Auto Shipments.
  6. Select on Pause Auto Shipment.
  7. This will cancel your grove membership.

You must be also curious if you have any VIP membership with grove. Let me tell you about how to cancel membership with grove even if you are having a VIP grove subscription.

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How To Cancel Grove VIP Membership?

The step for how to cancel grove collaborative VIP membership are given in the following. Read them carefully as it is VIP membership that you want to get deactivated.

  1. Launch the Grove.
  2. Navigate to the login page.
  3. To gain access to the grove account, enter your credentials.
  4. Reach to the My Shipments area.
  5. Look for Auto Shipments.
  6. Search for your activated Grove VIP Membership.
  7. Select the Pause Auto Shipment option.
  8. It will result in the cancellation of your VIP grove membership.

Removal Of Credit Card From Grove Membership

The different steps for how to remove credit card from grove collaborative membership can be done by simple steps as follows. So read them carefully to stop losing your money more if you have automatic renewal on.

  1. Go to the Grove and open it.
  2. Log in with your credentials into the grove account.
  3. Go to the Account settings.
  4. Search for the payment options that you have provided.
  5. Select the credit card and remove it from the application.

This method can also be useful if you have linked any other payment options which you want to get removed. 

You will also like to know about what if you want to cancel your subscription after your first order. I have told you about it further and also some important points that you do not want to miss.

Can You Cancel Grove After First Order?

Yes, is the answer to your question “can I cancel grove membership after the first order?”. You will need to check for the validity of the subscription.

  1. Reach to the Grove account.
  2. Login in with your credentials.
  3. Search for My Shipments
  4. Check status for your VIP membership.
  5. Select Cancel to get your membership canceled at any time but before it ends.

Can You Skip A Month With Grove?

If you want to skip a monthly shipment because you just don’t need anything this month, just log into the Grove Collaborative website and tell it to skip the shipment… It’s all SUPER easy and user-friendly.

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How Do I Cancel My Grove Collaborative Membership?

You can cancel your groove collaborative membership by following the steps given below.

  1. Go to the Grove.
  2. Enter in the login page.
  3. Enter your credentials.
  4. Reach to the My Shipments area.
  5. Look for Auto Shipments.
  6. Search for your activated Grove collaborative or VIP membership.
  7. Select the Pause Auto Shipment option.
  8. It will result in the cancellation of your collaborative grove membership.

Is It Easy To Cancel Grove?

Yes, it is easy to cancel grove. You can cancel your grove membership as well as you can delete your account from the grove.

Does Grove Charge A Monthly Fee?

Grove does not charge any kind of monthly fee normally. You can use grove without any fee for buying or purchasing required items. However, if you have activated your VIP membership in grove then you might be charged for it. You can also cancel this subscription at any time.

How Do I Cancel My Grove VIP Trial?

You can opt out of our monthly shipments and/or VIP Membership right from the Membership section of your settings by clicking Turn Off Monthly Shipments or Edit VIP Membership and confirming your selection.

Is Grove Worth The Hype?

If you love green household, beauty, and personal care products, yes. It’s absolutely worth the hype, and it’s a fun way to try out new, child-safe and pet-friendly products without breaking the bank. Otherwise, this may just be another subscription service to you.

Can You Cancel Grove Subscription Any Time?

You may terminate your account at any time by contacting customer service at [email protected] If you terminate your account, you will remain obligated to pay all outstanding fees, if any, relating to your use of the Service incurred prior to termination.


The queries for how to cancel groove membership must have got cleared by now. I explained to you the best possible easy steps that will help you in canceling your membership from the grove. You will be able to cancel your VIP subscription at any time after reading this article. The information that you read in this article also included answers to the frequently asked questions that may have come to your mind. So this was all about I told how to cancel grove membership with simple instructions.