How To Be A Substitute Teacher?

How to be a substitute teacher?  Being a substitute teacher is an equal responsibility as a normal teacher. A substitute teacher has the same responsibilities as a normal teacher just the difference is that a substitute teacher comes into the role when any regular teacher falls ill or is not able to take a class. Let us today understand how to be a substitute teacher? In the article further.

How To Be A Substitute Teacher?

To become a substitute teacher you need the following earns degrees and some skills. We have mentioned below all that it takes to become a substitute teacher

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Steps To Become A Substitute Teacher

  1. Understand the requirements of your state to become a substitute teacher
  2. Earn your bachelor’s degree accordingly
  3. Gain Experience as required
  4. Gain substitute teacher license as required
  5. Apply for a substitute teachers job

Education Requirements For Substitute Teachers

The education requirements to become a Substitute teacher are mentioned below

  • You need a High School Diploma – This is the most basic education requirement that is a must to become a substitute teacher. It takes about 4 years to complete any diploma.
  • You must earn a Bachelor’s Degree – This is also the basic requirement that is required to become a substitute teacher. It takes 4 years to complete a bachelor’s degree but depending on the level at which you want to teach you can go for an education-related field.
  • You should Get a Substitute Teacher License – The License is not compulsory in every state, district or school although in some schools and states it is necessary for you to obtain a substitute teacher license.
  • Get a College Credit in Education – In some states in addition to a college degree or in lieu of a college degree, they require coursework in an additional requirement by them. Usually, this coursework can be of about 30 hours to 60 hours that is equal to one or two years of full-time college study.

Skills Required For A Substitute Teacher

These are some important skills that a substitute teacher more successful

  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Improvised thinking skill
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Computer literacy (can be a plus point)

Duties Of A Substitute Teacher

Commonly a Substitute teacher has the same duties as a regular teacher has. Sometimes a substitute teacher has to be in class for a long term depending on how long the regular teacher is on leave. Here are some duties mentioned that a substitute teacher has.

  • Continue the same plan that has been started by the regular teacher
  • Take daily attendance
  • To take suitable disciplinal action
  • Create a lesson plan to plan the syllabus planed by the regular teacher
  • Prepare a summary of what was taught in the absence of the regular teacher to keep them up to date
  • To do duties like monitoring hallways, supervise lunch breaks, recess, students drop and pick.
  • Guide students in the safety drills.
  • If any issues or concerns come up with the classroom you must consult the principal or school officials
  • Explain and help students with Homework and assignments

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How Much Schooling Do You Need To Be A Substitute Teacher?

The minimum schooling required for you to become a substitute teacher is earning a bachelor’s degree. 

How Do I Get Certified To Be A Substitute Teacher?

Here are the steps to get certified as a substitute teacher

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree
  • Apply for a substitute teacher license as required by your state
  • Give the test as required for the license
  • Earn the license

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Is It Worth It To Be A Substitute Teacher?

Becoming a substitute teacher can be great if you want a job that is part-time or flexible as per your college course schedule. It is a great option for extra income.

Can I Make A Living As A Substitute Teacher?

A substitute teacher commonly earns daily wages or full-time hours which is approximately between $25,000 to $40,000 per year as per reports.

Is There A Teacher Shortage In Arkansas?

Education leaders have emphasized the severity of the teacher shortage. “The emergency that the state is suffering from is a severe teacher shortage,” said Lori Freno, general counsel for the Arkansas Department of Education.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Substitute Teacher In Missouri?

The State of Missouri has two routes for earning a substitute teacher certificate. The first option is for the candidate to earn 36 semester hours at an accredited institution of higher education. (The required number of hours dropped from 60 in June of 2022 as a result of Governor Parson’s signing of SB 681.)

Do Substitute Teachers Choose When They Want To Work?

You can establish a schedule that works for you
Substitute teachers have the freedom to establish schedules that work for them. They can choose which days they want to have off and which days they want to work. They may also decline jobs that don’t fit their preferences.

How Much Are Substitute Teachers Paid In Nevada?

The salary range for a Full Time Substitute Teacher job is from $571 to $902 per week in Nevada.


As explained in the above article becoming a substitute teacher is equally a job of responsibility like a regular teacher. You need to complete your high school and then a bachelor’s degree. Then the license completely depends on the state where you live or where you are planning to teach. Many states require the substitute license whereas some do not. You must understand your state or district’s requirements properly. This was all about how to be a substitute teacher all the best for you to be a great substitute teacher.

How do you introduce yourself as a substitute teacher

How do I become a substitute teacher?