How to Apply For Singapore Permanent Residence

Over time, many people come to Singapore on work-related visas and eventually consider settling here. It’s a cosmopolitan, vibrant city rated as one of the most liveable places in Asia.

After a stay, you may want to apply for Singapore permanent residence (PR). It’s the first step towards citizenship.


If you are a foreigner who has lived in Singapore for a certain number of years, you want the Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) Application. This type of residency is considered a privilege and can open up a world of possibilities for you. In addition to granting you the freedom to travel and live in Singapore, permanent residents enjoy several other benefits, including lower Additional Buyer Stamp Duty fees for property purchases.

Generally, Singapore looks for applicants who have good academic and professional qualifications. Most of these qualifications can be obtained through post-secondary education, such as certifications from polytechnics, junior colleges, ITE, and universities.

You should also have relevant experience in your field of study or work and a solid track record of achievement. It will help your application stand out.

However, it is essential to note that you must have lived in Singapore for a minimum of 2 years at the time of your application. It will ensure that you can fulfill all the eligibility requirements, such as demonstrating financial stability and having a clean record.

In addition to a clean record, you must have a high proficiency in your language and cultural knowledge of Singapore. It will allow you to interact with locals and adapt to the city quickly.

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Getting Singapore permanent residence is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds – living and working in Singapore. It offers many benefits, including living in subsidized housing and accessing government-run childcare, schools, and healthcare services.

To be eligible for PR, you need to meet specific requirements. These include working with an employer, being employed in Singapore for at least 6 months, and providing proof of employment and salary.

The Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS) is the most common way for foreign professionals to gain PR. The PTS allows skilled workers and professionals with a work permit to apply for Singapore permanent residence if they are already working in Singapore.

Another route for business owners to obtain Singapore permanent residence is the Entrepreneur Pass. It is for business owners who have started a business in Singapore and want to continue running it from here.

Entrepreneurs must prove that their business is growing rapidly and have a strong foundation with solid substances such as office premises, long-term employees, and sales records. The company must also have a good reputation and be profitable.

Lastly, entrepreneurs must be able to support themselves and their families in Singapore. It means ensuring they have a steady income and sufficient savings to cover their expenses.


There are several ways to apply for Singapore permanent residence. The most common route is through the Professionals/ Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS). This program is aimed at foreign professionals who already reside in the country and are qualified for a job.

Alternatively, if you have a strong business track record and are willing to invest in the local economy, you can apply under the Global Investor Programme (GIP). This program is designed to attract entrepreneurs and investors who wish to drive their business growth from Singapore.

The Foreign Artistic Talent scheme is a joint initiative of the National Arts Council and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore to attract internationally-acclaimed artists with outstanding skills in dance, music, theatre, photography, and literary arts to relocate to Singapore. Artists who can provide concrete plans for continued involvement in the local art scene are eligible to apply.

To qualify for the ForArts scheme, you must have a proven track record in your chosen creative fields. It includes having a substantial portfolio of work and being involved in the artistic community at an international level.

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Getting Singapore PR is a big step in the direction of citizenship. It is one of the country’s most popular immigration programs and a great way to gain access to a wide range of benefits, including the right to enter and leave Singapore without a work visa or travel permit, healthcare subsidies and education subsidies, and a pension scheme plan for retirement.

For the most part, applying for Singapore permanent residence is a simple process that can be completed online through the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) e-Service. All you need is a valid SingPass account and the necessary documents, which can be found in the ICA’s e-Service document list and explanatory note.

The ICA has five specific criteria that they use to assess your application. These include your employment status, age and family profile, and financial contribution.

The ICA has also outlined certain factors that will help you get Singapore PR approval, such as your family’s current employment status and your economic contribution to Singapore. These factors can make a massive difference to your chances of getting Singapore PR, so it is best to keep them in mind before you begin your application.