How Instagram Reels gave a tough competition to TikTok?

When Covid “took over the world,” the popularity of short video clips skyrocketed. There are a few specific apps whose active user base increased dramatically. It is now simpler for small companies and creators to capture, edit, and post videos directly from their mobile devices thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram’s Reels. This kind of content is an effective approach to marketing your company and connecting with potential clients.

We will examine Instagram Reels in more detail to see how they challenged TikTok.

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok

Customers and brands had only had one option for publishing short-form content before recent trends: TikTok. The powerful monopoly TikTok holds over short-form video is seriously challenged by Instagram Reels. Yet contrary to what some consumers (and advertisers) might believe, Instagram Reels and TikTok are not merely variants of the same thing.

First, Instagram Reels has its own take on “short-form content.” Instagram Reels content creation is limited to 15 seconds, whereas TikTok content creation is limited to 60 seconds. It was inevitable that another tech company would launch an alternative to TikTok to satisfy our scrolling video addiction as the app struggles to gain popularity in the United States.

Naturally, Facebook, Instagram’s parent corporation, was the organisation that stepped in to save the day. The newest challenger to TikTok, Instagram Reels, maybe the first true challenge. Reels are essentially the same thing; some even describe them as a clone of the Chinese software that has won over Millennial and Gen Z users.

Reels lack some of the elements that make TikTok the social video king at debut, but you can be confident that they will be added in time. While you can still record, edit, and apply effects to your video from within the Instagram app, the longest clip you can upload is only 15 seconds long, as opposed to TikTok’s 1-minute maximum.

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Instagram Reels Have Several Advantages:

  • Promote brand awareness in an interesting way

The practice of taking in information in manageable portions has become widespread as a direct result of the growth of social media. This type of video content is ideal for keeping the interest of target audiences because it has an average attention span of about eight seconds.

  • Access the Explore page’s content

Like other Instagram feed posts, Reels are also posted to the Explore page. Instagram will move your content to the Explore tab, where followers and other users will see it if you generate enough engagement (comments, likes, and shares). It raises awareness of your company and the video’s subject matter.

  • Spend less time producing your content

To post a graphic to your Instagram feed, unless it’s a selfie or a picture, you must first design it and then upload the file to Instagram. While utilising Reels, you first produce the video on the system before adding the caption. There are fewer techniques for building content if you are accustomed to creating visual content.

  • More interaction with your followers

Although the Instagram algorithm is a challenging aspect of the platform, Instagram will utilise every available tool to spread the word about its new Reels feature to its users. Hence, if you upload a Reel to your profile, it will likely be pushed to the Explore pages of your followers in addition to the Reels tab.

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Can TikTok Actually Be Overtaken by Instagram Reels?

Instagram is trying to fulfil all your digital needs in one place. The ability to receive a regular feed of updates from the people you follow will now be available. It includes their Stories, the explore page, and the newly added Reels. Furthermore, the platform allows you to shop.

Reels’ user interface resembles Tiktok’s in many ways; some could even say it does it better. Yet, Instagram still needs more to outperform TikTok than just good appearance and in-app use. Reels must be as fluid and individualised as possible, and they must be enjoyable to use.

We anticipate the top TikTok creators will find it difficult to shift to the new site at first because the content it curates for consumers’ interests must be just as good. One of the key reasons is that although Instagram does not pay its top producers, TikTok does. As Reels allows video uploads, a fun period where TikTok-branded videos are published to Instagram Reels may occur.

The Bottom Line

Moving forward, the significance of short-form video is indicated by both TikTok’s explosive rise and Reels’ widespread appeal. While there is much potential for short-form branded videos, there is tremendous competition in sectors like fashion and beauty.

It’s important to consider how to link your social video initiatives to genuine business objectives, whether you want to use just one platform or both. If you haven’t already, read our guide on developing an effective social media marketing strategy.