Hosted auto dialer software: all you have to know about it

Hosted auto dialer software is a type of automated calling software that is used to enhance the effectiveness of automated calling campaigns and your marketing efforts. It performs many more outbound calls than agents do themselves, and it boosts conversion rates as well thanks to its well-developed advanced dialing algorithm. But why is it called a hosted auto dialer? What types of hosted auto dialer software exist? What are the main features of hosted auto dialer software?

What is hosted auto dialer software

Hosted auto dialer software is a tool that is used to automate the dialing process, which means that all processes – from choosing the phone number from a contact list to dialing it and linking a successful call to an agent are performed by the hosted auto dialer software automatically, without any actions required from the side of agents or managers. The only thing you have to do to have your outbound calling campaign all set is to download the contact list into the system and let it work properly. In some cases, there are also requirements for a minimal number of agents active during the campaign.  

Why is it called “hosted”? Well, the hosted auto dialer is just a synonym for virtual auto dialer or cloud-based auto dialer, which means this software is based on cloud technology and you don’t need any hardware to run it properly. You just pay your subscription fee for it, depending on what package of features you have chosen, and it runs as any other tool on your PC and on the devices of your agents. 

What are the types of hosted auto dialer software?

As outbound calling works absolutely differently depending on what kinds of leads you are working with, there is a need to develop different auto dialers for working with cold and warm leads and current customers. This led to a situation where there are three main types of auto dialer software. 

Predictive dialing mode

Predictive dialer is the most well-known auto dialer, and when we will explain its features, you will understand why it is so. First of all, the Predictive dialer beats all other auto dialers in the case of dialing pace, because it has the most intelligent algorithm ever used in outbound dialers. It can measure all vital rates regarding conversations, such as average duration of calls and agent idling time to start dialing new phone numbers from the base even when agents are still dealing with current calls. This works simply – when the previous call ends, the new one is just here for the agent to pick up, so there is no idling between calls. This helps the Predictive dialer to show excellent results of over 100 dialing attempts per hour, compared to less than 35 manually dialed calls. The Predictive dialer also shows fantastic success rates of over 75% and conversion rates on average of 2,5% compared to less than 1% manually. This makes the Predictive dialer number one for calling cold leads, doing telemarketing, and lead generation. 

Power dialing mode 

Power dialing mode is the best dialing mode for handling warm contact lists and contacting current customers in some cases, for instance, during follow-up calling campaigns or cross-selling campaigns. What makes it focused on warm calls? First of all, the Power dialer shows solid performance with an average dialing pace of around 75 dialing attempts per hour and with a success rate starting at 50% and going shy-high to around 75% – the same as the Predictive dialing mode provides. Secondly, the Power dialer does not need more than one agent to be all set as it works based on an absolutely different algorithm – it starts calling only when the agent is free, while the Predictive dialer needs at least five agents to be set up properly. Also, a Power dialer guarantees that no calls will be lost – and when you use a Predictive dialer in an inappropriate way, it can cause dropped calls which in some cases can even lead to a fine and problems with regulatory institutions. Also, the Power dialer has its own special features, like a voicemail drop option to leave voicemails after each unsuccessful call. 

Preview dialing mode

Preview dialer is the slowest one among other hosted auto dialers, but it is designed to deal with absolutely different kinds of tasks. It provides agents with detailed information about each customer they are going to call, including customer data from the CRM software which is integrated with your hosted auto dialer via API. This data is shown on a customer card which pops up before each call. Also, in the Preview dialing mode agents can decide whether to call or not each exact phone number from the contact list which is a truly essential feature for marketing campaigns that are focused on providing personalized service. Based on that, the dialing pace is slower, but it is still much faster than manual dialing – over 50 dialing attempts per hour with success rates similar to Power dialing mode, from 50% and up to 75% of connection rates. 


All three auto dialing modes, even though they are different, have the same goal – improve your outbound calling performance – and also they have some similar features, like a built-in call scripting tool with dynamic call scripting feature, powerful reporting features with real-time dashboards provided with all data about agent productivity and campaign performance, the option to launch a few outbound calls campaigns simultaneously, and integration capabilities which allow you to integrate such tools into your hosted auto dialer software, as CRM software or help desk systems. Auto dialers provide high efficiency, with over 75% of success rates and around 2,5% of conversion rates compared to less than 35% of connection rates and 1% of conversion rates if calls are performed manually. To learn more about the capabilities of auto dialer, check this VoIPTime Cloud auto dialer or even order a demo! 

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