Help for Adopted Teenagers Through Therapy

As with all children, an adopted child can come with their own trials and challenges when they enter a new family. While so much thought and consideration was taken into account when adopting a child, every family will likely face unique challenges in these situations. These challenges may be hard to address. Many parents try their best to understand and assist with the challenges that come from being adopted, but it is not always easy. Transitional experiences when an adoptive child is young may not always manifest in temperament challenges when they are children, but they can often come up as unresolved issues as they move into their teenage years. When times get tough, as they move into this new questioning stage of life, it can be hard to know what to do and have the right tools as a parent to guide them through these wandering times. Teen therapy St. George can help your teenager make it through this tumultuous time by giving them skills and strategies to cope with childhood trauma.

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Questioning the World Around Them

For many teenagers, the transition into adolescence can come with a brand new wave of identity and emotion. This new stage of life can cause questions to rise to the surface about their world and their place in it. Adopted teenagers, during this time, can have a different range of questions in regards to their birth family and how they view themselves. There is a good chance that your adopted teenager knows others who have been adopted and have gotten to know their stories and experiences. Questions about their own lives and backgrounds stems from a natural curiosity to understand who they are and where you came from. These can be pieces of the puzzle in understanding your identity and how that helps you fit into this world. 

Seeking the Answers

With the natural progression of questioning comes the desire to find the answers. Some teenagers might use their friends as resources or even social media, which may not always give the most useful strategies to find answers. With the particular experience of being adopted, a teenager might not approach their parents with questions to receive answers either, fearing they won’t have a complete understanding themselves because they were not adopted. Professional and caring therapists can be a healthy avenue to help your teenager talk about their experiences and what they might be feeling. Therapy can be a beneficial strategy to get them asking the right questions to ultimately find the right answers that they are seeking. Opening up can be an amazing way to help them find the answers they need without keeping it bottled up and potentially causing contention – if it hasn’t already. 

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Giving Them the Tools to be Successful

Adopted children may find that they struggle to grasp their identity with unresolved transitions and challenges that may have arisen when they were younger. These latent issues may manifest themselves in different ways, as they reach adolescence, but it is not something that is uncommon. If you find yourself running into behavioral or emotional challenges with your teenager, it may be time to see a teen therapist. Providing a competent and objective third-party professional could provide a safe space for your teenagers to truly express who they are and help them ask the right questions. They will feel differently about their adoption at different times in their life, but their therapist can give them coping tools to help them be successful and continue to cultivate meaningful relationships and have meaningful experiences throughout their lives.