Grill Like a Pro: Top Kamado Cookers to Elevate Your BBQ Game

Backyard barbecues have evolved over time. Not very long ago, they revolved around basic gas or charcoal grills. At least, that was generally the case with meals’ main courses. Beyond that, side dishes generally needed to be made indoors and transported outside. That conventional approach can be satisfying, but it’s no longer the only strategy available. These days, a long list of equipment is available to take outdoor cooking to entirely new levels. 

Enter the Kamado Cooker

Kamado cookers have picked up steam over the years. At this point, their popularity is skyrocketing. Though they were considered basic equipment for ancient Chinese households thousands of years ago, they’ve now gone global and reached the mainstream. With that being the case, several kamado cookers are on the market. Each one has its own features and benefits. If you’re interested in adding this type of equipment to your grilling repertoire, check out these kamado cookers.

The Big Green Egg

It’s virtually impossible to delve into the kamado cooker realm without stumbling upon members of the Big Green Egg lineup. This brand pioneered the modern kamado cooker market, and it has gained a reputation for excellence. Several Big Green Egg models are available ranging in size from small portable tabletop units to the 2XL model. The latter is said to have the capacity to cook up to 16 whole chickens, 40 burgers, 20 steaks, or even an entire small pig

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is also a leading name in kamado cookers. This company has created a variety of models to accommodate diverse outdoor cooking needs. Like its closest competitor, this company’s lineup spans from the Joe Jr that’s perfect for tailgating to the Big Joe that’s suitable for large crowds. Some Kamado Joe models are more expensive than their Big Green Egg counterparts, and they’re generally a bit heavier, but this brand offers more accessories and included features. 

Weber Summit

Weber is known for its nice grills, which come in various sizes and styles. The Summit is its flagship in the world of kamado cookers. It’s a versatile cooker that allows for grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, and other techniques. It’s also lighter than many of the kamado cookers on the market. Some people may equate the lightweight design to lower quality, but that’s actually not the case at all. Like other brands, the Weber Summit offers adequate heat retention and control along with additional features that set it apart. 

Primo Oval

Primo’s kamado cookers are likewise highly touted. This particular model is made of ceramic and has a stainless steel frame. It’s equipped with attached foldable side shelves for added cooking space, and several accessories are available to broaden its owners’ cooking horizons. It can hold enough food to feed up to 20 people, and it’s capable of smoking, grilling, roasting, and other cooking methods. These kamado cookers are a bit more expensive than others, but their quality matches their price tag. 

Finding the Right Kamado Cooker

Those are some of the most popular and exceptional kamado cookers on the market. Each one has its strong suits. Consider the previously mentioned points to help you decide which one is the best option. Weigh the benefits of each brand and model against its price and included features. Think about their versatility versus the types of cooking you’d like to be able to achieve with them. All those factors can help you find the perfect model for your outdoor cooking adventures.