Going to trial or negotiating a plea agreement in Pennsylvania


Having a case tried in court means leaving the decision up to a judge or jury. The verdict in a court case is the ultimate conclusion rendered by the judge or jury. The verdict will be rendered by the judge or jury following a trial.

An agreement between the prosecution and defense is known as a plea bargain.

The defendant typically agrees to plead guilty to a lower charge or to just one of the numerous offenses during plea bargaining. It could also involve pleading guilty to the charges while the prosecution asks for a light sentence. 

But, the judge is not required to agree with the prosecution’s suggestion. Both can have long-lasting effects and necessitate the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer

Many pre-trial phases end without a plea bargain, so a verdict can be reached after one or more of these phases are completed.

Plea Bargaining

Plea bargains benefit all parties involved since they allow the prosecution and defense to avoid a trial and the defendant to avoid having to testify against himself in court. Among the many upsides to entering a plea deal are:

  • To avoid the more severe repercussions of a conviction, a plea bargain can sometimes result in a lower term or lesser charge.
  • Trials lack certainty because of the difficulty in predicting the outcome. There are no hidden clauses or other surprises in a plea agreement.

As opposed to trials, which typically take a long time and are expensive, plea bargains can be handled more quickly and cost-effectively.

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Going to Trial

A trial is where you argue your case in front of a judge and/or a jury. Both sides will present their cases and supporting evidence throughout the trial. Some upsides to deciding to go to court are:

  • The easiest approach to clear your record and maintain your good name if you are innocent of the claims against you is to go to trial.
  • The prosecution may offer you a deal in exchange for your guilty plea if you are facing criminal charges. Showing your willingness to go to trial might help you negotiate a better plea bargain with the prosecution
  • As part of the Constitution, the Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to a trial. This ensures that you will be tried by an unbiased jury of your peers. 

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