Explore these must-visit islands of Mindanao, Philippines.


It is natural that island-hopping is one of the most popular tourist activities in the Philippines, an archipelago consisting of more than 7000 islands. Mindanao, the second-largest island group in the Philippines, is referred to as the ‘Land of Promise‘ because of its untapped wealth of natural resources and rich biodiversity. No matter what kind of holiday you are looking for — whether active or laidback — these islands in Mindanao are the best places to visit in the Philippines. Abandon any second-thoughts about traveling to Mindanao on your next vacation, and book flights with iEagle now! Here are the five best islands in Mindanao that offer you a memorable experience! 

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Daku Island, Siargao:

Most travelers visiting Siargao, the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, dedicate their Siargao trip to surfing at Cloud 9 that they often overlook Daku island. This beautiful Daku beach boasts bone-white sand, turquoise waters, and swaying coconut groves. Revel in the cool breeze and breathtaking views of the beach while relaxing a to z mp3 old hindi songs free download in the native huts. Trust us! An island-hopping tour of the three best islands in Mindanao — Daku, Naked, and Guyam Island — promises you the best time in the Philippines! 

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Naked Island, Siargao:

Naked Island is all about or just about the Sun, sand, and sea! This beautiful island in Mindanao is a stretch of fine white sand in the midst of crystal-clear waters of the sea – there are no trees, no rocks, and no people on the island, which is why it is named the Naked island! What better place than this island to soak up the sun to your heart’s content! Lose yourself in the tranquility and appreciate the unimpeded views of the Naked Island. Have your flights to the Philippines booked with iEagle to save big!

White Island, Camiguin:

White Island, regarded as the crown jewel of the Camiguin province in Mindanao, is an uninhabited white sandbar against the backdrop of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Mt. Vulcan. With no permanent structures, neither buildings nor vegetation, White Island is like a replica of Naked Island in terms of what it offers. Bask in the beauty of this bare island in Mindanao! Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and lounge on the white powdery sandbar! White Island generally has a boomerang shape, but its shape and size are influenced by the tides as it is more a sandbar than an island.

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Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga:

Great Santa Cruz Island, extremely popular for its pink coralline sand, is one of the best islands in the Philippines! Situated in Basilan Strait, this protected island boasting rich marine life is an ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. Enjoy the panoramic views of the small yet scenic pink beach, cruise the mangrove-covered lagoon, and see the stingless jellyfish up close! The boats leaving for this island can be found at Paseo del Mar.

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Bucas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte:

If you are seeking an idyllic island retreat, escape to the Bucas Grande Islands situated in the Socorro town of Surigao del Norte. This island is home to numerous white sand beaches, mangrove forests, waterfalls, inland lakes, rock formations, caves, coves, fishing grounds, and vivid corals. Sohoton Cove and the labyrinthine Blue Lagoon are the island’s primary drawcards — the mysterious places that can only be explored during low tide as its cave entrance vanishes during high tide. The enchanting beauty of this island in Mindanao and its natural wonders are sure to leave a lasting impression on you.