Educational Tv Shows For Kids: Balancing Entertainment And Learning

TV is now a part of everyday life. Beyond fixing it on the wall, it is now possible to watch while traveling or relaxing on the beach. While it is associated with entertainment, television content has changed to offer some of the best educational materials.

Educational programs on TV are categorized based on the age of the target audience. They tackle different topics from science to math, adventure, and history, among others. Here are some of the best educational TV shows for kids of different ages.

Number Blocks

The name suggests that the show is built around mathematics. The episodes last five minutes, just like the concentration span of a kid. It targets toddlers who are beginning to engage with numbers. The show has simplified the concept of numbers, making it more interesting by animating the blocks.

Number Blocks has also incorporated catchy rhymes that will keep the kids glued to the screen for hours. The animation and storytelling are catchy and memorable. The show will easily introduce the kids to the idea of numbers.

The Who Was? Show

The show targets kids between the ages of 8-12. It is an adaptation of a book by the same name. The Who Was? Show targets historical figures in arts, sciences, religion, and nations. Each show will juxtapose two individuals and compare their contributions or achievements in different fields.

The figures featured in the show are also animated to make them easier to relate identify. The kids will
encounter such characters as Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth, Galileo, and Isaac Newton,
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Sesame Street

The program started in 1969 but remains one of the most entertaining yet educative. It features lovable characters like the Cookie Monster and the Big Bird. The program teaches numbers, letters, and some of the most valuable life lessons.

Sesame Street adds a unique element where parents are taken down memory lane. Through the show, parents remember some of the old days. It is, therefore, a show where parents can watch and enjoy with their children.

Odd Squad

The show is built on the idea of odd numbers. The team has a lot of calculations to do when solving crimes in the area. Each incidence in an episode is unique. This gives the show a unique and dramatic taste. The show also builds a lot of tension, making it interesting for the kids watching.

If I Were an Animal

Animals are an interesting subject for kids because of their fascinating lifestyles. If I Were an Animal enables children to learn the lives and habitats of animals. The actors use relatable children language, making it more attractive to kids.

Educational shows targeting kids pick enjoyable and unique topics. The characters should be memorable and concepts taught in a language that is easy to relate. The shows supplement learning while helping children to grow their interest in different disciplines.