Down To Earth Meaning: What Does Down To Earth Mean?

If you are confused about the Down to earth meaning. Then, you are at the right place. Many times you might have seen people using this word to describe someone. Here I will explain to you what are the different meanings of down to earth and how you can use down-to-earth in a sentence. I am sure that you will better understand what is meaning of Down to earth after going through the article.

Down To Earth Meaning 

Down to earth means being open, honest, practical, reasonable, and friendly.

example :

  • He is the owner of the palace but still, he is very down to earth. Here, it means that despite being the owner of the palace he is good to everyone.
  • She has a down to earth nature. Here, it means that she has a friendly and kind nature.

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Down To Earth Person Meaning 

The down-to-earth definition means humble, lowly, unassuming, and modest. Down to earth person is someone who is not arrogant egoistic or prideful. 

Down To Earth Meaning Idiom

Down to earth meaning idiom is used to describe a person who is very friendly and does not have any attitude. This means that the person is gentle, humble, and is free of pretension.

Down-To-Earth Meaning Synonym

You can also use these words in place of down-to-earth. Down to earth word has many synonyms which are mentioned below. 

  • Practical
  • Sensible
  • Realistic
  • Balanced
  • Sober
  • Levelheaded


What Is The Meaning Of Down To Earth?

The down to earth meaning is realistic or practical and without affectation. It is also used for someone who is sincere and does not any ego or selfishness in their nature.

Is Down To Earth A Compliment?

Yes, Down to earth is a compliment given to a person who is not arrogant and egotistical. It is used to define someone who is practical and realistic.

Does Down To Earth Mean Humble?

Yes, Down to earth means humble as it indicates the same trait. But it is not necessary for a down to earth person to be humble.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Down To Earth?

We can tell if a person is down to earth by observing their actions. They are good to everyone and don’t want to impress anybody. They show respect and have good nature towards everybody around them.

What’s Another Word For Down To Earth?

Other words for down to earth are mentioned below

  • Sensible
  • Practical
  • Rational
  • Humble
  • Sober 

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Do Guys Like Girls Who Are Down To Earth?

While it may not sound romantic, men absolutely adore a woman who’s down to Earth. There’s nothing a guy likes to see more than a potential girlfriend hold her own in a conversation with his buddies.


Here, in this article, you got to know that what does down to earth means. You also saw how you can use this word and how it is used to describe someone. I have mentioned some examples as well for your reference. The synonyms for down-to-earth words are also given so that you can use them in other sentences. I can assure you that you will be able to define down to earth meaning after reading this article.


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