Does THC-O Help In Dealing With Migraines?

Migraines are growing to be the most common neurological disorders that affect populations across the globe. About 83 million men in America are now suffering from it and striving hard to find a solution. While there are plenty of treatments available, people want to get some natural help. It is where THC-O can help. For many people, prescription medications won’t have any effects, and hence they might get relief from using THC-O Gummies. Migraines are hard to deal with, so it’s crucial to consult a doctor. This text will help you know the impacts of THC-O on migraines. 

What is a migraine? 

Migraines are identified as constant headaches but are much more than that and can lead to throbbing or pulsing sensations. Also, migraines can involve other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and pain on one or both sides of the head. A typical migraine can last for about hours to days. The pain can be so disturbing that it might not let you continue your daily life activities. Many people might face aura as a warning sign before an actual migraine headache. Aura is a situation in which a person finds visual disturbances and other problems like difficulty in speaking. 

Although medications can help prevent and cure migraines, natural options are also available. You can consider herbs like THC-0 that might help you deal with those severe headaches. When you combine the right medications with proper lifestyle habits, you can easily overcome migraines. 

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What are the symptoms of migraine? 

A typical migraine that might affect children, teenagers, and adults are divided into four parts. These four parts are prodrome, aura, attack, and post-drome. Here are the symptoms of migraine. 

  • Prodrome: 

Before the actual migraine hits you, there might be some warning signs that show up, such as:

  • Constipation
  • Changes in mood
  • Yawning now and then 
  • Frequent urination
  • Stiffness in neck
  • Increased food cravings
  1. Aura:

Aura might happen before a migraine or as a part of a migraine attack. These are reversible indications that are caused by nervous systems. These symptoms usually hinder vision but can lead to other issues too. Its symptoms start to show up gradually and last for about an hour. The migraine aura symptoms include:

  • Seeing abnormal flashes of lights or shapes
  • Complete loss of vision
  • The sensation of pins and needles in the body
  • Weakness in the body
  • Issues with speaking
  1. Attack: 

A single migraine attack can keep going until 72 hours if a person doesn’t treat it. And the frequency of migraine attacks will vary from one person to another. A person might face the following symptoms during a migraine: 

  • Pain on one or both sides of the head
  • The sensation of pulses and vibrations
  • Increased sensitivity to light, touch, and sound. 
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  1. Post-drome:

Many people feel drained out or have more minor energy post migraine attacks. It is because sudden movement in the brain can be hard to handle. It might last for a day and may accompany the pain. 

What are the common triggers for migraine? 

Hormonal changes: This is the most common trigger for headaches in women. Alteration in estrogen levels during pregnancy or the menstrual cycle is one of the reasons behind migraines. Also, oral contraceptives can worsen these symptoms.

  • Drinks: Having too much alcohol or caffeine daily can also trigger migraine. 
  • Stress: Any stress can be a contributing factor to migraine. 
  • Irregular sleep pattern: Having less or more than enough sleep regularly can cause migraine. 
  • Physical factors: Getting exerted physically through any means can trigger migraine headaches. 
  • Medications: Many medications might cause migraine as a side effect. 
  • Food: A food item you are allergic to or any other food can cause a migraine. 

What is THC- O?

THC-O is a recently identified compound in the world of cannabis. It is a non-natural cannabinoid gaining massive attention from customers, but its usage has several concerns. THC-O is nothing but an ester derived from THC. It is produced using a chemical process that employs acetic anhydride to serve the purpose. Acetic anhydride is a highly flammable liquid state compound used in making fibers, plastic, dyes, and pharmaceutical stuff. 

To synthesize THC-0, CBD extract from the hemp plant is converted into Delta-8 THC. Later the acetic anhydride is added to Delta-8 THC, producing THC-O acetate. Although there is no such evidence of its potency, it is found in certain products. Research has found that it is more potent than THC. Additionally, this research says that it shows more psychoactive effects than average THC. THC-O takes more time to metabolize itself in the body and, hence, slow acting. It is generally used in vapes, gummies, and tinctures. You can try out THC-O for migraine-related issues. 

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How does THC-O help with migraine? 

Although there are innumerable FDA-approved medications that can help people deal with migraines, being natural is what patients prefer. Many have turned to using THC-based products to gain relief from severe headaches, and many of them were successful. Many patients that have faced severe migraine headaches for years have self-treated them using THC-O-based products, and they were satisfied with the results. Although there is no science-backed evidence that THC-O could work for migraines, it might help you deal with migraine symptoms.  

Cannabis possesses active compounds that claim to reduce pain and inflammation. Consuming THC-O-based products can reduce the frequent occurrence of headaches. It might mitigate nausea and vomiting, which are symptoms of migraine. THC-O is found in vape cartridges, and it is believed that when cannabis is inhaled, it can provide 50% relief from headaches. 

People have commonly started using cannabis due to its overall benefits for health. Research reported that women found more relief in headaches from consuming cannabis than men. Using THC-O might increase tolerance of headaches and reduce the disturbance in daily life.  


Migraine attacks are something beyond headaches, and you must consider ways to battle all the symptoms. These attacks can last for about 72 hours and disturb your daily life activities. Even silly activities might be a challenging task when you have migraine-related headaches. Although medications can help you deal with the pain related to migraine, THC-O can be a natural alternative. When used correctly, you can quickly deal with migraines using THC-O.


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