Did You Know Artificial Grass Is Safe For Your Deck And Patio? 

If you live in a densely populated city, or in an area that suffers from clustered housing and absent yard space, you may be wondering how you can capture the essence of enjoying a grilled burger in a lawn chair just outside your backdoor. Fortunately, you don’t have to perform a miracle to grow grass from your deck, artificial turf and grass make excellent stand-ins for a natural lawn. Crafted to last without causing damage to the surface it’s applied over, artificial grass can be an incredible alternative for a conventional yard. As our population continues to grow rapidly, the era of having enormous homes with sweeping lawns is diminishing, but that doesn’t mean Americans have to give up their beloved weekend barbeques or stop enjoying a sun tan in the comfort of their own property. 

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Inspired beginnings for an imaginative product

Starting back in the late 60s to mid-70s, an alternative solution to real grass was a dire need for large sporting arenas that often found their hosted games interrupted or canceled due to inclement weather. In the last two years, we’ve experienced all new weather extremes, as you can see here. Because of the cycle of seasons exposing the earth to suffocating heat and bone-chilling cold, many lawns of real grass suffer dead spots, thinning and spotty regrowth. Choosing a synthetic lawn, created to withstand any weather, no matter how extreme, can survive year-round exposure to the elements without causing any worry. A little extra green in life, without the hassle of real grass upkeep, can brighten anyone’s day. 

Created by recycling previous artificial turfs and other rubber and plastic blends, synthetic blades of grass mimic the appearance and texture of a truly natural lawn. Another benefit is that the maintenance is drastically reduced thanks to it neither requiring nutrients nor water. Keeping it free of things like spilled drinks or pet messes is simple, you need only hose down the artificial grass to rinse it clean. Designed to allow water to flow beneath the turf, you’ll never have to be concerned with pulling the artificial grass up in the future to find an unwanted surprise. 

Beautiful results, professional installation, simple maintenance

Installed by experts with experience and knowledge of their trade, artificial grass for your patio or deck can dramatically improve your outdoor space, no matter how limited. Adding some vivid colors and a comfortable cushion beneath your feet, you can host a genuine lawn party, or grill out with friends and neighbors, on even the most modest of decks or patios with professionally installed turf over your outdoor space floor. Set out lawn chairs, put your grill out, let the kids or fur babies play, grab yourself a drink, and enjoy the outside without any travel whatsoever. 

Take into consideration the amount of time, energy, money, and other resources that homeowners with natural lawns put into keeping it looking pristine. Battling the raging sun all summer to keep your lawn hydrated is almost a full-time job, and enjoying that same lawn during frigid winter temps is more misery than it’s worth. Should you have a covered deck or patio, having no access to direct sunlight can also get in the way of acquiring that perfect tan, you may find you get even more pleasure out of your space with an artificial lawn. 

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Still on the fence? We have two words for you: Pest Prevention

Another helpful, and convenient, aspect of having artificial grass is the fact that the synthetic blades offer no attraction for bugs. Preventing colonies from making a home among the rubber blend grass blades, and discouraging general infestations from other insects like ants, your turf-covered patio or deck can stay a comfortable place to relax outdoors without enduring the intrusion of pests. You could easily hang a bug curtain to enclose your patio or deck, as well, to give yourself and your guests an insect-free zone to relax and enjoy each others’ company or place bug-repelling torches or candles in the sitting area you set up outside, and swap the fly swatter or obnoxious bug-zapping lamp for an ice cold drink or football. 

 Have you already begun planning the perfect outdoor escape for your patio, or started price-checking grills online for the grilling deck of your dreams? It’s easier and faster than you may think, just follow the home improvement golden rule of referring to a pro for help and guidance. An expert can be out to review what space you have to work with and help you determine the best course of action to give you the outside entertaining area you deserve. Don’t D.I.Y. what you don’t have to, there are plenty of options for any budget, and a perfect solution to any concern you may have.