Determining Fault After a Car Accident: 4 Legal Tips to Know

Unfortunately, motor-vehicle crashes happen, and usually, one side tends to blame the other without accepting their involvement in the incident. For that reason, we have consulted a Woodland Hills car accident attorney on figuring out the concept of determining fault after a car accident. We kindly invite you to go through the following lines and familiarize yourself with legal tips you should know.

No One has to be Guilty

Surprisingly enough, if both the damage and injuries of the participants in a car crash are minor, they can agree that nobody has to pay for the potential expenses, according to the Woodland Hills car accident attorney.

Naturally, the agreement must be consensual, otherwise, the individual who disagrees has every right to seek justice alternatively. To make a long story short, this concept is the least time-consuming option and should not imply reaching out to official public services.

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Guardians of the Law

Woodland Hills car accident attorney suggests that one of the most common practices, when the participants cannot establish who is responsible for the incident, involves calling the police officers for assistance. There is no need to argue when you can simply dial the number and patiently wait for the cops to arrive at the scene of the crash, especially if you reckon it was not your fault.

One way or another, the Woodland Hills car accident attorney advises that you should always reach out to your legal representative and listen to what they have to say. Your lawyer’s guidance is of utter importance because it is their responsibility to ensure you do not make mistakes that would cost you in the long run.

The Court

Even though it will take time to determine who and to what extent caused the accident, going to court is a legit option when determining fault after a motor-vehicle crash. To build a strong case and represent your interests wisely, we suggest you take photos of the scene and provide the material as evidence.

Additionally, you should talk to potential witnesses that would speak in your favor. What is also important to mention is that you should safeguard all the documentation related to the event. Do not throw away papers such as medical bills and reports, official statements, or anything else that might have squeezed the money out of your pocket due to potential injuries or car repairs.

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Insurance Companies

If you have purchased the right package your insurance company should compensate for potential expenses. Otherwise, you will have to finance the venture on your own. For example, personal injury packages do not cover car repair costs. On the other hand, they should reimburse you for your rehabilitation, medical bills, etc. Car collision coverage is the one that serves for the potential damage on your ride.

Insurance agencies will finance your spending and potential damage depending on whose fault it was. They determine the guilty by sending experts who use different tools designed to measure the speed of the vehicle at the time of the crash, but they also inspect other factors that might have led to the incident.

Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will help you make the most of your venture and successfully claim potential compensation. On the other hand, if you are the one who caused the crash, we suggest you get in touch with your lawyer as soon as possible and follow their instructions without having second thoughts.

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