Considering a Sprinter Van Rental? Here’s What You Need to Know

A sprinter van rental may be just what you need to satisfy your sense of adventure. These versatile vehicles inspire wanderlust, allowing you to explore freely without restriction. Whether you dream of spending nights under a twinkling sky in remote natural areas or prefer the flexibility to change plans spontaneously, a sprinter van can transport you there in comfort.

As the popularity of the ‘van life’ movement grows, more and more are discovering the liberating lifestyle possible when living and traveling in a compact, self-contained home. A sprinter van grants unmatched freedom—to follow your heart’s desire down unknown roads.

Now, renting one of these iconic camper vans can satisfy your nomadic spirit without a long-term commitment. Within these high-roof walls lies a mobile oasis, transforming ordinary roads into extraordinary journeys waiting to unfold.

What Is a Sprinter Van?

A sprinter van is a versatile and reliable option, particularly for those seeking adventure or embarking on summer vacations. As revealed by a recent survey, the prospect of a summer getaway in 2023 is enticing for a significant portion of U.S. adults, with statistics showing that one in three (33 percent) express a strong likelihood of vacationing, while another 30 percent are somewhat inclined.

Amidst these varied sentiments about vacation plans, a sprinter van emerges as an appealing choice for travelers.

Functioning as a light commercial vehicle, it boasts multifaceted utility, serving as a chassis cab, minibus, or transporter of commercial goods. Its seating capacity ranges from accommodating 12 to 42 passengers, depending on the size and configuration of the van. This flexibility makes it an ideal option for families, small groups, or even larger gatherings venturing out on excursions.

Furthermore, the appeal of a sprinter van extends beyond its versatility to encompass practicality and comfort. Whether navigating city streets or traversing rugged terrains, its robust build and efficient design ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Additionally, its spacious interior offers ample room for passengers and cargo alike, making long drives or extended vacations a breeze.

Advantages of Sprinter Van

Sprinter vans provide several advantages for van life. One major benefit is fuel economy, as the two-wheel drive models achieve over 20 miles per gallon while still offering a spacious interior. The available wheelbases of 144 and 170 inches allow customization for different needs.

Diesel engines last for hundreds of thousands of miles on average before requiring replacement. Pre-2008 Springers do not need diesel exhaust fluid, saving on ongoing maintenance costs. With higher payloads than comparable vans, more weight can be supported inside for gear and custom built-outs. Unless very tall, most individuals can stand up straight within the van.

Factors to Consider While Renting Sprinter Vans

  1. Cost

The pricing for sprinter van rentals is flexible and contingent upon various factors, encompassing the geographical location, the rental agency, and the duration of the rental.

Typically, the cost falls within a range of $100 to $400, as cited by Eminent Limo. Nevertheless, renting a luxury sprinter van introduces further variables such as size, duration, and seasonal fluctuations, which can influence the overall expense. Generally, renting during peak seasons or for extended periods tends to incur higher costs.

To provide a clearer perspective, let’s delve into a specific location like Chicago. Situated strategically, a significant portion of the United States lies within a manageable 12-hour drive from the bustling Windy City. This geographical advantage allows for expedient travel to destinations across the Midwest or along the East Coast within just a day or two. You can even cover various places easily, such as South Bend,  Rockford, Southern Michigan, and more.  

Consequently, Chicago emerges as a prime starting point for memorable road trips, offering many possibilities for automotive adventures. Whether you aim to explore New York City or venture towards the Gulf Coast, the feasibility largely hinges on your willingness to traverse distances and the time at your disposal. Typically, Sprinter van rental Chicago companies charge anywhere between $95 to $135 per hour, contingent upon the selected vehicle.

Comfort and Convenience in Sprinter Van Rentals

Renting a sprinter van opens up various amenities intended to enhance your journey. While the specific features may differ between rental companies or van models, you can generally expect a comfortable, convenient experience.

Climate control is key, with standard air conditioning and heating to maintain a pleasant interior temperature regardless of the conditions outside. Cruise control allows hands-free driving on the open road.

Staying connected is simpler thanks to built-in conveniences like USB ports for charging devices along the way. Bluetooth integration lets you stream media and make hands-free calls directly through the van’s sound system.

Some models take entertainment a step further with DVD players and flat-screen TVs for passenger enjoyment. Leather-trimmed seats cradle you in plush comfort mile after mile.

Advanced safety tech includes rearview cameras to guide you when backing up or parking in tight spaces.

Inspect Thoroughly Before Renting

Prior to finalizing your agreement, spend time carefully examining the sprinter van. A pre-rental inspection protects both you and the rental company.

Start your walk-around outside, checking for scratches, dents, or other exterior flaws. Then, survey the interior for the condition of seats, carpets, entertainment systems, and other features. Note any imperfections.

Mechanically, test important driving elements. Ensure headlights, taillights, and turn signals function properly. Check brakes, tread depth on tires, and fluid levels. Confirm all mechanical aspects are in safe, usable condition.

For documentation, photograph or video any pre-existing damage you find. Discuss your findings with the rental agent so there is agreement. Proper recording ensures you are not held responsible for damage incurred prior to renting.

By taking time for prudent pre-rental inspection inside and out, as well as creating an accurate condition report, both parties can be assured of clarity regarding the vehicle’s status before and after your rental period.

Review Rental Terms Thoroughly

Before signing, carefully examine all rental policies and clarify any uncertainties with your rental representative. Understanding the terms fully protects you from unwelcome surprises.

Confirm details of your rental period upfront. Note the agreed-upon pick-up and drop-off times as well as fees for late returns.

Inquire about available insurance options provided. Your existing coverage may not suffice, so learn how additional plans from the rental company enhance protection.

Familiarize yourself with applicable fuel policies. Know whether you must return the van with a full tank or other fuel arrangements. Avoid potential surcharges by adhering to requirements.

Check for mileage limits set and excess mileage costs. If extensive travel is planned, negotiate the optimal per-mile package.

Taking the time to gain complete clarity on timelines, protection coverage, fuel obligations, and mileage terms ensures a seamless rental experience from start to finish. With full understanding, enjoy your adventure confidently.

In contemplating a sprinter van rental, it’s essential to grasp the nuances influencing its cost and utility. Despite prevailing economic challenges, the enduring allure of the quintessential American road trip persists.

As stated by Kat Hoyt, President and CEO of the Darien-McInstosh Chamber & Visitors Center, it is critical for tourist attractions and marketers to acknowledge and profit from this long-lasting trend. For your forthcoming cross-country odyssey, consider a sprinter van rental as your ideal travel companion, offering both convenience and flexibility on the open road.