Car accident attorney for wrecks caused by negligent drivers

When you’re the victim of an auto accident due to another individual’s negligent driving, regardless of how minor the incident is, it’s essential to contact legal counsel. It isn’t necessarily a question of the accident itself per se but the potential for injuries you must be concerned with.

Anyone with the potential for medical consequences from a vehicle collision must speak with a Burbank personal injury attorney as one of their first steps following the incident.

Often when a minor car accident occurs, especially after a long, hectic day, drivers assess the situation, find minimal damage to their vehicles, note that they feel fine, and decide not to phone the police for a report to be filed, nor do they exchange details.

The objective is to forget the whole thing, move on and avoid any inconveniences, probably an enormous mistake on the victim’s part. Let’s look at a few reasons why it’s essential to consider a minor accident in the same way you would a major collision.

Do You Need A Car Accident Attorney For A Minor Auto Accident

No matter the extent of damage to a vehicle, whether it was a major collision or a slight tap on the fender, an accident is a legal matter where the police need to make an assessment and document the details with the acknowledgment of fault for the course of events. 

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Unfortunately, in many cases, when a person at fault knows there can be consequences for their poor driving, they will suggest the incident be forgotten since no one was hurt, and the damage was negligible.

It’s essential to insist that a report be made, and details be exchanged so the insurance carriers can be notified. You should reach out immediately to a medical provider to ensure you haven’t sustained injuries and an attorney for legal support. Consider these suggestions for why following these protocols is vital.

  • The biggest mistake to make with a minor accident is walking away

Failing to report a car accident and leaving the scene in most states is illegal, even for a mere fender bender. If you drive away, the police can pick you up and cite you for the offense regardless if no one was hurt and there was no damage.

Leaving the scene prevents the authorities from getting accurate details of what happened; even if the incident were minor, the two parties involved will each have their version, and often these don’t mesh. Make sure to contact the police in order to get a relatively accurate assessment of the scene.

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The driver at fault will still have their take on how the collision occurred. This is another good reason to have a personal injury attorney. The professional will protect your rights, investigate the evidence, and negotiate the claim on your 


That’s particularly beneficial if you develop injuries as time goes on. Go here for guidance on what to do after a non-injury crash.

  • Injuries can appear hours or even days later

It’s been shown that injuries can take time to appear following even a minor accident. This can be a matter of a few hours or even days after the incident. 

Often with something like a fender bender where a car is hit from behind, you might experience a jerk but feel OK with no apparent signs or symptoms of being hurt. Most people consider it not to be an injury unless there’s a fracture, cuts, or perhaps a concussion.

Car accidents don’t need to produce severe, life-changing consequences to warrant attention. You can have contusions, whiplash, sprains, or strains. 

If you had a stiff jolt of being forced forward and then suddenly pushed back, you could end up with severe back pain the next day. Shock and adrenaline can block the sensation of an injury. 

A personal injury lawyer will advise you to see a medical provider following even a minor incident to ensure you’re not enduring a hidden issue. Legal counsel will be unable to assist you with a claim if you drive away from the scene without making a report or exchanging details with the other driver, regardless of fault.

  • What about the driver at fault

Suppose the driver-at-fault and you decide to avoid reporting the incident to the police but exchange details so you can notify insurance carriers and then leave the scene. You find weeks later that you have a summons to appear in court after having a claim filed against you by the driver-at-fault.

The story the individual is sharing is a false exaggeration of the events in their favor when you know the fault lies with them. The problem is there was no official police report; each of you drove away illegally, making the facts of the case a matter of “they say, you say.”

Usually, not a lot can come from these claims since the driver at fault also left the scene. Still, it’s a hassle you’ll need to endure when it could have been dealt with correctly at the start.

Final Thought

When involved in a minor auto accident, it’s essential to treat it as you would any collision. 

No one wants to inconvenience other drivers on the road or cause a hassle in traffic, but the cars need to remain in position. At the same time, the police should be called so an accurate assessment can be made to determine fault in the collision.

Each driver needs to exchange details so insurance carriers can work out details if repairs need to be made. And if you’re the victim of the incident, it’s vital to reach out to a personal injury attorney

These professionals will guide you through the accident process to ensure your rights are protected, medical attention is sought, the evidence is reviewed adequately, and a claim is filed on your behalf if it becomes necessary. 

Or perhaps defend you if a driver-at-fault convinces you to drive away and then files against you.

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