Build Yourself the Ultimate Gaming Space

Whenever you have free time, you like to slide on a pair of headphones, grab a controller and get lost in a game. You want to join your friends in an MMORPG event and get special limited-time-only loot. You want to explore an open-world fantasy game, tackling every single side quest you encounter. You want to beat a small-time indie game in record time. 

Since you’re this into gaming, you’re going to need a proper gaming space. It’s not enough to have a small section of the living room or bedroom. You want a designated part of the house dedicated to your hobby and your hobby, alone. How can you do that if you have no spare room?

You can build a spot in your backyard. Read ahead to find out how. 

Transforming Shipping Containers

If you have a spacious backyard, you might be able to build your ultimate gaming spot. How? You can purchase a shipping container and place it in your backyard. Then, you can modify it into an outdoor gaming room. 

If a single shipping container doesn’t provide you with enough space for all of your gaming needs, then you’ll be happy to know that these containers are modular and can be joined to create a larger structure. They can either be stacked on top of each other to create more height or attached side-by-side to create more width. Find out exactly how wide is a shipping container so that you can learn just how much space you’ll get with a single-container building versus a double-container one. This information could impact your construction plans.

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Setting Up Container Spaces

Once you purchase a shipping container from an online provider, you can have it delivered to your property. This is where the construction begins. You’ll want to take some basic steps to convert it from a simple cargo vessel into a comfortable recreational space. These are some steps:

  • Pour a concrete slab foundation and place the container on it. This should prevent it from shifting or tilting on the ground.
  • Cut openings for entrance doors, windows and additional vents. You’ll want more ventilation to improve air circulation and prevent moisture build-up. 
  • Add framing and insulation to the interior of the container. Insulation is key for minimizing condensation and keeping the indoor temperature moderate.
  • Add electrical wiring so that you can power lights, an HVAC unit and all of your gaming devices. 
  • Add plumbing connections and set up a small bathroom. This will keep you from walking back to your house to use the bathroom in the middle of a gaming session.
  • Drywall over insulation, plumbing and wiring. 
  • Add comfortable flooring to the bottom. 
  • Install lighting. To commit to the gamer style, you can use LED strips to give your container a cool, futuristic feel.
  • Paint over the drywall. Once that’s dry, you’ll be free to decorate and furnish everything.

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Essentials for Your Gaming Space

Other than your gaming devices, what do you absolutely need for your gaming spot? 

Comfortable Seating

You don’t want to finish a gaming session feeling rough. Your neck shouldn’t be stiff, and your back shouldn’t hurt when you’re done. For a PC gaming set-up, get yourself a top-quality gaming chair — or at the very least, an ergonomic office chair. If you’re playing via console set-up, you should have a loveseat or sofa with lots of back support. 

A Mini Fridge

Far too many gamers get so into the zone that they forget to drink water. Keep a mini-fridge full of drinks (and potentially snacks) to encourage you to stay hydrated. Not only is it good for you, but it will also help you play better. Some of the symptoms of dehydration are fatigue, confusion and headaches, which are sure to throw you off your A-game.

Storage Options

You’ll want to have some storage options for all of your gaming accessories, like controllers, headsets, remotes and charging kits. If you have a PC set-up, choose a desk that has drawers for easy storage. If you have a console set-up, then get a hollow footrest. You can tuck all of your accessories in there to minimize clutter.

You could have the perfect hobby space sitting in your backyard. With the help of a shipping container and a bit of forward-thinking, you can build yourself the ultimate gaming spot steps away from your house.