Blue Beauty: Finding The Best Vanity For Your Bathroom Makeover

Blue Beauty: Finding The Best Vanity For Your Bathroom Makeover

According to recent reports from the construction and home improvement sectors, at least 60 percent of homeowners are planning remodeling projects in the coming years. Many of those people intend to focus their attention on their bathrooms. Numerous homeowners are even hoping to add extra bathrooms in the future. Homeowners plenty of options to choose from with the endless array of materials, colors, and fixtures now available. 

Finding the Right Vanity

Several aspects come into play when carrying out bathroom renovations. Obviously, having certified professionals handle the project is important. After all, if the plumbing isn’t properly installed, the new bathroom is sure to leave its owners disappointed.

Fixture styles and finishes are also essential as they foster the appearance, functionality, and useful lifespan of a bathroom. Additionally, vanities are crucial in bathroom remodels. They can help people get the most out of their bathroom updates and upgrades. At this point, quite a few people are looking for blue vanities for their new bathrooms.

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Why Choose a Blue Vanity?

Blue is a trending color for bathrooms right now, but many people wonder why it has become so popular, particularly for bathrooms. Sources point to numerous reasons. For one, recent surveys have revealed that blue is the world’s leading favorite color. Some people choose blue for their bathrooms simply because they like it. Of course, blue hues include a vast category of examples. Some authorities say there are nearly 300 distinct varieties of blue. 

Beyond that, quite a few people select blue for their bathrooms because of its effects. Though the color is often associated with sadness, studies show that its actual effects can be quite different. In general, the color blue is known for creating a sense of calm and serenity. It also makes people feel secure and comfortable.

Furthermore, the color blue has been connected with optimism and hope. It may also evoke a sense of cleanliness and work in tandem with white to induce trust and an air of sterility. Keep in mind that different shades of blue have varying effects.

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Adding Hues and Materials

Among the blue vanities for bathrooms, darker shades are the most common. Those vanities are often surrounded by lighter shades for walls and backsplashes. Adding white or gray tiles or marble or granite flooring and countertops can lighten up the room while maintaining the effects blue tends to have. With blue streaks mingled into the tiles or stone surfaces, the impact is only enhanced. 

Many homeowners are also turning to concrete flooring and countertops for their bathrooms. This material can be tinted in numerous shades and creates the solid, natural-looking surfaces many people want at a fraction of the cost of stone. A number of veneers are also available. Plumbing and lighting fixtures with chrome, platinum, and other silver-toned finishes tend to go well with blue. In addition, black faucets and light fixtures are popular with blue decorative themes.

Creating a Beautiful New Bathroom

A long list of materials, fixtures, decor, and other elements is available for bathroom remodels. Homeowners can also choose from an endless variety of colors. Blue has emerged as a leading favorite because of the many hues available and the color’s positive effects. Although many trends come and go, blue has remained a running theme in homes across the globe. Trendy blues are not likely to disappear any time soon, and they can certainly contribute to a beautiful, stylish, and unique bathroom.