Best Corner Table & Bedside Table Designs for Living Room

Tables appeal to an ambience like a queen’s crown when it comes to drawing attention. Keep them in the centre or place at a side, we love them in every shape and size. The vividly coloured design or tribal patterns, they house a quality like no other. The luxurious sheen and contemporary aura is exemplary. The tables at Freedom Tree are handcrafted with care nurturing the traditions whilst keeping up with contemporary vibe. 

Side Tables For Living room

The side tables of the living room have a functional responsibility whilst possessing a design element of grace as well. To explore a variety of them, the online forum has many to serve, from quirky to industrial to unconventional patterns. If you are looking to select, here are a few from the nest of Freedom Tree.

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Sunburst Ovoid Side Table

The multi coloured enamels in blazing hues with ethereal print, and burnished surfaces highlights harmony and peace. . Glistening voids of wood are held aloft by the tables’ forest of frames. Colored enamels in dazzling hues complete the look. In exquisite craftsmanship, the natural wood textures peek through this glossy finish. The smaller tables are lighter in colour and nestle beneath the bigger ones, creating a three-tiered effect. 

Nomad Side Table

Elegance has a new address with this nomad side table splendid with a rustic finesse and pleasant attire. It has warm rivets and a rustic finish that is distinct to each piece, as well as gouge-like patterning and cooling white tones. The robust accent table is small enough to move about and provides exquisite practicality to your living room, reading nook, or bedroom.

Karai Tall Side Table
The artistic expression is what it resembles. You can fit it wherever and it is one of the most desirable one. It can help you transition into an artistic home and lifestyle. Home is a space filled with the things we love and no rules in how we put them together, infused with new creative energy.

Modern Bedside Tables
Set your vanity on the bedside or place a book while you’re about to sleep, the modern bedside tables are a universal galore. From wicker charms to a retro to inlay designs to cot style textures, they look awe-inspiring.

Wicker Bedside Table
Bringing you back to the sixties, this bedside table is natural furniture style. This tavern is strongly linked to early memories. In the 1960s, it was the furniture style at our house and many others. Its lighthearted nature reflects the mood of the period. With its natural and created hand-woven wicker, it readily steps into the twenty-first century. 

Grid Inlay Bedside Table
The monochrome palette gives it an instant luxurious sheen. Hand-set bone and shell inlay has been used to embellish surfaces for generations, giving them an instant sumptuous gloss. The inlay tables are in vogue with vibrantly coloured resin.

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Koa Bedside Table
Interwoven in the wood and metal medley, enveloped in acacia wood is a statement piece you can’t ignore. In this wood and metal combination, they are seamlessly interlaced. The surface construction allows you to serve appetisers on one side while maintaining the decor on the other. Invite your friends over, grab a snack from this conversation piece, and have a good time.

Take a look at these exceptional pieces and many more like these at Freedom Tree store and adorn your space with muse and magic. Complement your space with eclectic corner tables placed near accent chairs or your sofa set, they certainly define sophistication, clean lines and chicness. Pick a piece from present collections or go for a typical retro look, the side tables are impressive. 



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