Top 13 Best Beaches In Oregon 

Do you want to know the best beaches in Oregon? In this article, I will give you information about the beautiful best beaches in Oregon that you can visit during your holidays. Oregon is famous for its wild west past, the deepest lake in the U.S., and the largest living mushroom. Not only this Oregon is known for its dazzling blue beaches with fine white sand, and natural scenic beauty. You can enjoy and get experiences of many outdoor sports activities here. Keep reading the article to know more facts and information about the best beaches in Oregon.

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List Of 13 Best Beaches In Oregon 

First, let us have a glance at the names of the best beaches in Oregon that you can go to on your next vacation. I am sure that you will have a joyous and fun time on these tourist best beaches in Oregon.

  1. Cannon Beach 
  2. Cobble Beach
  3. Horsfall Beach
  4. Bullards Beach
  5. Sunset Bay State Park
  6. Moolack Beach
  7. Harris Beach State Park
  8. Gearhart Beach
  9. Meyers Beach
  10. Seaside Beach 
  11. Heceta Beach
  12. Gold Beach
  13. Rockaway Beach

Top 13 Best Beaches In Oregon 

Now, I will tell you more facts and details about all the top 13 best beaches in Oregon that are mentioned above. I can assure you that you won’t even know how your holidays will end on these awesome best beaches in Oregon.

  1. Cannon Beach 

Cannon Beach 

Cannon Beach is one of the most popular best beaches in Oregon and has a spectacular landmark called the Haystack rock.

There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy here such as swimming, scuba diving, basking in the sun and much more.

You can watch the amazing Haystack rock from close and there you will be able to spot a variety of sea creatures like crabs, anemones, sea stars, and puffins, etc. The other sea animals that you can see surrounding the rock include purple sea urchins, gooseneck barnacles, and California mussels, etc.

The other tourist places that are nearby where you can go are the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge area and Ecola state park.

  1. Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach is included in the best beaches in Oregon coast and has dense tidal pools. You must visit this beach to see its natural and mind-boggling tide pools that are packed with a variety of sea creatures.

You can also get to watch sea lions, harbor seals, and the wonderful seasonal gray whales on this beach. There is also the state’s largest lighthouse near to it which has been in use since the year 1872.

The fun activities that you can do here are walking, soaking in sun, watching different birds, and clicking some natural scenic pictures.

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  1. Horsfall Beach

Horsfall Beach

Horsfall Beach is among the best beaches in Oregon for surfperch fishing and other water sports. It is an attractive beach situated within the Oregon National Recreational area.

There are around 47 miles of sand dunes spread across this beach. Sounds interesting right so I encourage you to consider visiting Horsfall beach once.

You can enjoy a plethora of activities here like surfing, hiking, fishing, swimming, beachcombing, horse riding and basking in the sun, etc.

If you love camping then you can go to the nearby camping site called Coos Bay which is just two miles away from this beach.

  1. Bullards Beach

Top 13 Best Beaches In Oregon

Bullards Beach is located on the southern coast of Oregon and is out of the best beaches in Oregon for beachcombing. The length of this beach is approximately four-mile and it is a great spot for beachcombers.

This beach is within the famous tourist site called the Bullards Beach State Park. While going to this beach you will also get to see the pretty Coquille river.

You can read the interpretive signs and boards to know more about the geology of this location and how it is affected by Tsunamis.

This Bullards beach is family-friendly and there are various picnic shelters and areas made in this park. You can even get to see the charming coastal birds like gulls, brown pelicans, and cormorants, etc here.

  1. Sunset Bay State Park

Sunset Bay State Park

Sunset Bay State Park is a beautiful scenic beach and is noted as the best beaches in Oregon for families. You can have a look at the spectacular views of the sea and the lavish flora and fauna around.

This place is perfect for families as there are all sorts of amenities available here like the hot showers, toilets, and picnic areas, etc.

If you love camping then this place is the right choice for you as there are two large tent camping spots and eight yurts in the area.

You can also get a glimpse of Cape Arago Lighthouse and the Gregory point on a clear sunny day. The other visitors’ spot near to it is a golf course and Charleston which is a fishing village.

  1. Moolack Beach

Moolack Beach

Moolack beach located near Beverly beach is indexed in the best agate beaches in Oregon. This wonderful beach has a lot to offer to outdoor enthusiasts.  You will find less crowd in the Moolack beach which makes it perfect for fantastic photography.

For nature lovers, it is heaven as you can see the adorable flora and gorgeous fauna here.

The waves are also not very strong making the beach ideal for surfing. The activities that you can do are surfing, birdwatching, sightseeing, and beachcombing, etc.

If you have free time then you can go to see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse which is the second oldest lighthouse in the town.

  1. Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park is named after the Scottish pioneer George Harris. It is on the list of the best swimming beaches in Oregon and is the largest island off the Oregon coast.

The Harris beach state park is a National wildlife sanctuary and is home to different species of Coastal birds.

To get some thrilling and exciting camping experiences you can visit this park as there is a large camping area with six yurts. Other facilities are also available here like the parking area, dump station, hot water showers, and flush toilets, etc.

During the winters you can see horrifying coastal storms here and in summers you can experience the calm breeze of the ocean.

  1. Gearhart Beach

Gearhart Beach

Gearhart beach is popular for its long super flat coastline and is one of the peaceful best beaches in Oregon.

You can enter this beach in two ways one is through the driving way and the other is from the pacific way beach. There are a bunch of restaurants, picnic areas, perfect volleyball, and basketball courts from the second way of the beach.

The Gearhart beach is good for jogging, walking, kite flying, sunbathing, bird watching and sightseeing, etc.

When the tides are low you can collect or try to clam the sand dollars, seashells, and colorful beach rocks, etc.

  1. Meyers Beach

Meyers Beach

You must have seen the Meyers beach in several movies, commercials, and in TV shows. Meyers Beach is located on the southern coast and is among the beautiful best beaches in Oregon.

If you have a high adrenaline rush then you can enjoy extreme water sports here like surfing, windsurfing, and scuba diving, etc.

For photography lovers, this place is a paradise due to the reflecting clear blue water and the scenic natural sunlight.

You can also spot many sea stacks and a few of them even have tunnels to climb up. You can have look at the pretty views of the sea and golden shimmering beach from there.

  1. Seaside Beach

Seaside Beach

The seaside beach offers a perfect getaway from city life and is out of the best beaches in Portland Oregon. You can see the impressive and charming views of the pretty sea and the golden sand.

There are many adventurous activities that you can do here such as hiking, biking, surfing, kayaking, and beyond.

You can even go to a range of restaurants, hotels, luxurious resorts, and shops that are close to the beach. If you feel hungry you can enjoy the delicious finger-licking seafood served in the eateries and restaurants nearby.

  1. Heceta Beach

Heceta Beach

Heceta Beach is indexed in the best beaches in Florence Oregon and is easily accessible. It is lined up by some houses, small rentals, and the famous Driftwood shores resort. You can stay in any of them if you are in Florence for your vacations.

This beach is perfect to relax and chill out after a long tiring day. The things that you can do on this beach are sunbathing, looking at the charming sunrise, stretching your legs, collecting seashells, and making sandcastles, etc.

You can get to this beach from the Rhododendron drive or through the Heceta Beach road highway.

  1. Gold Beach

Gold Beach

Gold Beach is noted as the best beaches in Oregon with so many activities and things to do. This pleasant beach is beautifully tucked between the pacific ocean, Rogue river, and the lush green Siskiyou mountains.

It is a family-friendly beach which is well developed. You will get all sorts of facilities here from picnic tables to hot showers, and public toilets, etc.

If you want to discover the wildlife of Oregon you can take a trip to the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest which features several species of distinctive animals.

You can even just relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the gleaming beach and the soft golden sand.

  1. Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway beach is known for its long sandy shore and is on the list of best beaches in Oregon. It is a great beach for families as there are 20 different public access points.

You can walk on this stretchy beach and discover unique sea items like elegant shells, and amusing Japanese glass floats, etc.

The rocky area of this beach creates a great opportunity for tidal pools. You can spot various sea creatures, coral reefs, and aquatic plants, etc in it.

You can do many exciting things on this beach like sun tanning, fishing, hiking, kite flying, and birdwatching, etc.


What Is The Nicest Beach In Oregon?

The list of the nicest beaches in Oregon is given below.

  • Cannon Beach
  • Cobble Beach
  • Horsfall Beach
  • Bullards Beach
  • Sunset Bay State Park
  • Moolack Beach
  • Harris Beach State Park
  • Gearhart Beach
  • Meyers Beach
  • Seaside Beach
  • Heceta Beach
  • Gold Beach
  • Rockaway Beach

What Is The Warmest Beach In Oregon?

The warmest beach in Oregon is the Brookings as there is really no winter in this region. The Brookings is located on the south of Cape Blanco and is thus warmer in the summer and fall months than the north of the cape.

Does Oregon Have Nice Beaches?

Yes, Oregon has many nice beaches and has approximately 235 miles of coastline. There are many beautiful, dazzling beaches in Oregon that we have mentioned below.

  • Rockaway Beach
  • Cannon Beach
  • Cobble Beach
  • Gearhart Beach
  • Meyers Beach
  • Seaside Beach
  • Horsfall Beach
  • Bullards Beach
  • Sunset Bay State Park
  • Moolack Beach
  • Heceta Beach
  • Gold Beach
  • Harris Beach State Park

Is Seaside Or Cannon Beach Better?

Both the Seaside and the Cannon beach are good. They are family-friendly beaches and have many restaurants, hotels, resorts, and shops on the side. You can do many fun activities and perform different water sports on both beaches.

Does Oregon Have White Sand Beaches?

Located within the Oregon National Recreation Area, Horsfall Beach is a seemingly endless white-sand beach that is filled with 47 miles of rolling dunes and scenic wetland areas. Popular activities at Horsfall Beach include surf fishing, off-road vehicle riding, horseback riding, and hiking.

What Is The Best Month To Visit The Oregon Coast?

The best month for the coast is usually September, with good weather often holding on into October. In the Cascades and eastern Oregon’s Blue, Elkhorn, and Wallowa mountains, snowfall is heavy in the winter and skiing is a popular sport.

What Is The Most Beautiful Coastal Town In Oregon?

Located along the northern coast of Oregon, Cannon Beach is one of the most popular charming coastal towns in Oregon. Its main attraction is the stunning Haystack Rock. The large rocky outcrops draw in thousands of birders, photographers, and the curious every year.

What Is The Hottest Beach In Oregon?

Welcome to Oregon’s banana belt. Even though it’s situated on the coast, Brookings often has the highest temperatures in the state, and that pleasant beach weather makes it attractive for RV travelers, many of whom stay for months at a time.

What Is A Good Hourly Wage In Oregon?

$13.43 is the 25th percentile. Wages below this are outliers. $29.97 is the 90th percentile. Wages above this are outliers.


There are many wonderful best beaches in Oregon that you can visit and travel to. Oregon is a famous state of America known for its stunning beaches, pretty flora, and incredible fauna. There are numerous beaches in Oregon and they all have different features and sites to see. I have mentioned facts and details about a few of the amazing beaches in Oregon. Not only this you can even try some flavorsome mouthwatering seafood in the restaurants, eateries, and hotels there. You can also do many adventurous activities liking surfing, scuba diving, and kayaking, etc. I am sure that you will enjoy yourself a lot on these best beaches in Oregon.

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