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ASP Full Form 

ASP full form is Application Service Provider.

A – Application

S – Service

P – Provider

ASP Full Form

Application Service Provider or ASP is an organization or a company that gives software applications to customers over the Internet. The ASP clients pay a monthly fee to use the software instead of purchasing it.

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ASP Full Form In Internet

ASP net full form is Active Server Page.

A – Active 

S – Server 

P – PageASP Full Form In Internet

Active Server Page or ASP was developed by Microsoft for allowing users to create their own dynamic website. ASP means an HTML page that has one or more scripts. ASP also supports multiple programming languages such as Javascript and C#.

ASP Full Form In Chat

The full form of ASP in the chat is At Some Point.

A – At 

S – Some 

P – PointASP Full Form In Chat

ASP in chat means At Some Point and is more often used in text-based communications. The meaning of ASP is at an unspecific moment in time and usually in the future.

ASP Full Form In Police

The full form of ASP in the Police is Assistant Superintendent of Police

A – Assistant

S – Superintendent 

P – PoliceASP Full Form In Police

Asp in Police stands for  Assistant Superintendent of Police. It is a rank that is used by the police forces in the British Empire and still in many countries like India. Most of the people who joined the police are at this rank first.

ASP Full Form In Business

The full form ASP in Business is the Average Selling Price.

A – Average

S – Selling

P – PriceASP Full Form In Business

Asp means in business the Average selling price. Here, Asp means a price at which a particular good or service is usually sold. The Asp is based on the type of the product or service and its life cycle.

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ASP Full Form In Marketing

The full form of ASP full form in Marketing is Average Selling Price

A – Average

S – Selling

P – PriceASP Full Form In Marketing

Asp meaning in marketing is average selling price. Asp refers to the price of the product or service at which it is typically sold. The asp of the product is the same throughout the different distribution channels.

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ASP Full Form In Sales

Asp in sales meaning is given below.

A – Average 

S – Selling 

P – PriceASP Full Form In Sales

Asp in sales means the average selling price. You can calculate asp by the total amount of revenue divided by the total no of units sold. The asp in sales is used as a benchmark in different ways.

ASP Is An Abbreviation Of 

ASP is an abbreviation of Application Service Provider.

A – Application

S – Service

P – Provider

WASP Full Form In Medical

The full form of ASP in Medical is ASPartic.

Asp in medical means Aspartic acid or the radical forms of aspartic acid. Asp is the symbol or abbreviation used in medical or science to show the presence of aspartic acid.

ASP Full Form in IT Sector

ASP has two different meanings in the IT sector. 

The first ASP stands for an Application Service Provider. Here, asp means a company that allows you to use the software applications over the Internet.

The second ASP stands for the Active Server Page. Here, asp means a webpage that contains script as well as standard HTML. ASP pages are basically used to create dynamic websites.


What Is The Full Form Of ASP In The Police?

The full form of ASP in the police is Assistant superintendent of police. It is usually the lowest rank which is given to someone who has just joined the police.  

Why ASP Is Used?

ASP.Net is used to create webpages or dynamic websites that were developed by Microsoft.  It is very useful for the programmers and the developers as it allows them to make their own customized webpages and sites.

What Is ASP Business?

The ASP in business refers to the average selling price of the product or service. The asp of the product or service depends on the type of the product and its life cycle. 

What Is The Meaning Of The Word ASP?

The word ASP has two different meanings. The ASP stands for both Application Service Provider or Active Server Page. The Application Service Provider provides the software applications to its client over the internet. The Active Server Page is used to create webpages and dynamic websites.

Is ACP And ASP Same?

Yes, ASP is different from ACP. ASP stands for Additional superintendent of police and ACP stands for Assistant Commissioner of Police.


In this article, you will get to know about the different meanings and full forms of ASP. I have tried to give maximum information on ASP and it will help you to enhance your knowledge. You will also get to know how ASP is useful and how the ASP is used in the different sectors. I am sure that after reading the article you will know about ASP full form and meaning.


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