Are You a Digital Nomad? Get a Spanish Visa!

Spain is a country that most people love at first sight. Incredible seaside, warm climate, and stunning nature are a dream of many digital nomads, and they flock here to enjoy it. There are a lot of historical places to visit, goods and services are reasonably priced, and Internet connection is fast. Isn’t it a paradise for digital nomads? However, it only became fully accessible in January 2023, and this post is devoted to this fairly new program.

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Why Spain?

If we look at the speed of Internet connection, Spain is one of the European leaders, which is an important factor for digital nomads. The cost of living here is usually estimated as quite affordable, and if you dislike cold winters, this is a place for you (however, summers may be rather hot). Culture and history lovers will also have their share of excitement as Spain is a country with a rich past.

And what about the ratings of the best cities for expats? You will find Valencia in the first place! And Madrid is also in the top ten, so you have at least two choices if you are used to choosing the best of the best. But that is not all: if you enjoy tourism, there are three villages in Spain that shared the first place in the ranking of tourist places in December 2022.

UNESCO says that the most beautiful street in Europe is also located in Spain! Be sure to visit Calle San Pedro, a small Spanish town in the province of Seville, to find it!

Digital Nomad Visa: Requirements

Here are the conditions for becoming a Spanish visa owner:

  • Country of origin. The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa is open to residents of non-EU countries as well.
  • Employer. If you work full-time for a non-Spanish company on a remote basis or you are a freelancer who works for foreign clients, you will qualify for a Spanish visa. You can also get one if you are a business owner and you can run your company online. Mind that you are not allowed to generate more than 20% of income from Spanish clients!
  • Online work. You will need to provide proof that you can work for your employers/customers remotely.
  • Employment/company existence period. You can apply for a Spanish Digital Nomad Visa if the company you are working for on a full-time basis has been in existence for at least one year or you have been successfully working on the basis of orders from foreign clients for at least three months as a freelancer.
  • Residence in Spain. If you stay in the country illegally or have been a Spanish resident for five years and more at the time of application submission, you will not be eligible, and your application will be turned down.
  • Education/skills. You will have to provide proof of your qualifications and at least 3 years of experience in the profession. A diploma of higher/professional education will do, too.
  • Sufficient income. A digital nomad who wishes to hold a Spanish visa has to earn twice the minimum monthly salary in Spain. In January 2023, this figure amounted to 1,166.67 euros, so you will have to earn 2,334 euros on a monthly basis. Mind that the minimum salary is revised on an annual basis, so the indicator may grow slightly.
  • Health insurance. Digital nomads cannot use public health insurance in Spain, so they will have to get a private health insurance policy (travel insurance is not suitable in this case).
  • Trustworthiness. Your criminal record in Spain or any other country where you resided should be clean within the past 5 years before you apply for a visa.

Adding Relatives to the Application

You can add your children and spouse to the application for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa if they comply with all the requirements above (except for the professional ones). However, you will have to prove that you will have sufficient income to sponsor them:

  • Adding a spouse to your application will require earning 75% of the monthly minimum salary above the amount specified earlier (plus 875 euros per month).
  • If you add any other dependent than your spouse, you will need to earn an additional 25% above the amount mentioned (plus 292 euros a month).

How Long Does Processing Take?

As soon as you have submitted all the required documents (we will check them thoroughly for absence or errors), you will have to take patience and wait from 20 days to 3 months. However, this is not an official figure as the program is new: we give just a practical estimate based on the experience of those who successfully obtained the Spanish visa.

Visa Validity Period

Initially, the Digital Nomad Visa is issued for 12 months or for the term of the employment contract. However, it can be extended, and non-EU residents can live and work in Spain for up to 5 years in total.

If you want to keep your visa valid and renew it, you will have to become a Spanish tax resident. This entails residing in the country for at least 183 days a year.

Do You Need Help?

You can follow the above link to find out what documents you will need to submit for the visa or discover the Spanish Golden Visa program. We strongly recommend booking a free initial session with our experts to make a well-informed decision!