Are smart cars really safe? 

You have probably seen Smart cars driving through major metropolitan areas. They gained popularity during the economic downturn between 2008 and 2010. During that time, gas prices in some metropolitan regions exceeded five dollars per gallon. This led many city dwellers to look for a vehicle that was gas efficient and could save them money. However, are these vehicles safe?

A Safe Vehicle Produced by a Respected Manufacturer 

Mercedes-Benz USA started to distribute the Smart brand of compact vehicles. People were attracted to them because the vehicles were economically priced. Their three-cylinder engine was enough to navigate city roads. At the same time, they were fuel-efficient enough to prevent drivers from filling up the tank frequently.

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As happy as drivers were with the fuel efficiency of this vehicle, there was still the burning question of their safety. There are many reasons to say with confidence that Smart cars are safe. The first reason is that Smart cars have a Tridion safety cell. This is a structure that protects the vehicle’s occupants. It serves as a protective cage that prevents the car from distorting in shape if there is an accident.

Many worry that because of the vehicle’s ultra-compact size, it lacks the material to keep people safe, especially if they are traveling at higher speeds on interstates and freeways. However, the Smart car proves that one should not judge a vehicle by its size or appearance. Smart cars take advantage of technological advancements that allow them to be compact and safe.

Are Smart Cars as Safe as Larger Cars? 

The two-seater models are eight feet long and five feet wide. This is 50 percent smaller than the size of an average passenger vehicle. Physics show that size is a major factor in determining a vehicle’s safety. While the Smart car has been designed to be safe when compared to larger vehicles, there are some safety concerns.

For example, the vehicle’s small size dictates how close the driver’s or passenger’s legs are from their torso and the car’s rear. A Colorado car accident lawyer can attest that people who are in smaller cars often have a higher risk for injury.

Some studies show that drivers of Smart cars have a higher chance of getting killed in a car accident than those in a larger sized vehicle. They also have the increased possibility of suffering serious injuries.

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Smart car manufacturers have included all of the latest safety features in these vehicles. The small vehicle is reinforced with a steel safety cage. The vehicle’s steel frame and the inclusion of high-tech side and front airbags means that the cars do well in crash tests. Still, the death rate in smaller vehicles involved in multi-car accidents is almost twice that in larger vehicles.


Getting in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. If you suffer injuries because of being in a car accident, a car accident lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you need to help you as you recover from your injuries.