Amazing Charts vs Nexus EMR Software- A Worth Exploring Guide

The Amazing Charts EMR is an elegant and sophisticated healthcare platform. It is closely followed by many care solutions, such as Nexus EHR software. Today’s guide will take you through its intuitive capabilities and pricing structure. Alongside that, it will cover the details of rival healthcare platforms. Dive in to know the rest!

About Amazing Charts EMR 

The Amazing Charts is a futuristic EMR solution to improve the care spectrum. The solution helps practices evolve and grow at a consistent pace. The Amazing Charts EMR software is easy-to-use and coordinates care to new heights mitigating care gaps and more. 

The prime element of concern of Amazing Charts EMR software is increasing the quality of care. In this regard, it offers a chronic care management facility that empowers clinicians to deliver top-quality care with sheer confidence. 

Key Differentiators of Amazing Charts EMR: 

Amazing Charts EMR beats all other vendors in town with its exclusive features. Running on the modern interface, this chic solution screams versatility. Amazing Charts EMR features intuitive solutions that streamline clinical operations. It caters to basic and complex clinical processes alike so providers can up their level of service provided. Here are three top-rated features of Amazing Charts EMR. 


It is a practice management solution utilized by private practices. This module packs an intelligent dashboard, claims manager, claims status tracker and analytic reporting services. Besides that, it provides top-notch support, improving clients’ visibility into finances.  


It is an OB/GYN-focused EHR solution that simplifies care for gynecologists. It is loaded with state-of-the-art specialized tools and services like OB flowsheets, custom treatment plans etc. Also, it packs educational resources to help practitioners stay at the top of their game. 


Clinix is a state-of-the-art practice management solution designed for all medical practices. It works to shape the revenue streams, ensuring positive cash flows. Of all the features of Amazing Charts, it is appreciated the most by care professionals as it improves their business side. 

Added Functionalities: 

Amazing Charts EMR software also features countless solid integrations to enhance clinical efficiency. Some are:

  • Inter-office messaging 
  • Chronic care management 
  • Credit card processing 

Amazing Charts Price Analysis:  

Next in this Amazing Charts EMR vs Nexus EMR guide is the pricing structure of Amazing Charts. The Amazing Charts EMR offers a comprehensive pricing structure that is very well-structured. The minimalist cost range of the pricing bundles of Amazing Charts EMR leaves clinicians awe-struck. It offers two cost plans backed by a 28-day free trial and requires no long-term obligations. Additionally, Amazing Charts EMR offers some additional services except for the pricing plans. It is an intent to not burden the practitioners. The pricing packages of Amazing Charts include:

EHR Only- An affordable package costing nothing more than $229/month/provider. 

Practice Management- It costs just $349/month/provider and shapes the revenue stream for good. 

Additional Tools– Tailor-made cost structures back the additional tools. Their price range varies as per clinical requirements, number of users etc. These include:

  • Population health
  • Medical billing
  • Remote care
  • Immunization reporting 

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Nexus is an ONC-15-certified platform that streamlines care for ambulatory healthcare practices. As per the reviews, Nexus EMR software easily handles the administrative workflow and administers best practices to lessen administrator burnout. 

This MARCA-ready solution enables practitioners to focus on care by simplifying patient encounters. Also, it is known for its best-in-class analytic functionalities that help providers stay updated on their financial and clinical health. 

Key Differentiators:

Nexus EMR is not as advanced as Amazing Charts EMR software but is an optimized solution. Using it, providers can perform clinical tasks using handheld gadgets. Instead of featuring sub-applications, the Nexus EMR features intuitive services for lesser screen time and enhanced patient engagement. These are some quality features of Nexus EMR.

Clinical Workflow Management: 

This solution aims to improve clinical efficiency, keep physicians updated on patient status, and more. It increases the visibility into clinical activities identifying actions to be taken by patients. Allowing for quick navigation, it simplifies workflow management. 

Billing Reports: 

Nexus EMR features a well-thought-of and robust reporting module. It manages clinical AR by conducting detailed reports equipping clients with data insights. It conducts claims status, appointment tracking, payer and the patient due, collection and on-demand customized reports. 

Access Control:

Running on the cloud, Nexus EMR features data encryption and access control services. With access control solutions, providers can manage data access assuring top-notch security. It enables 2F2 access, allows resetting passwords and managing session time-outs etc. 

Patient Self-service:

One quality feature outlined in the Nexus EMR reviews is patient self-service. Patients can readily fill in the intake forms from their homes, reducing waiting time and enhancing staff efficiency. The Nexus EMR software screens the entire data, boosting data capture accuracy.

Nexus EMR Pricing:

Next in this guide is the pricing structure of Nexus EHR. This reputable solution has still not made its cost plans public. The care professionals can learn the exact pricing details of Nexus EMR by sending a requestor by contacting the sales representative. Both ways lead to the solid pricing details of Nexus EMR software. According to the reviews, Nexus EMR is neither cheap nor expensive and thus meets the budget range of medical practices. 

Amazing Charts vs Nexus EMR

Amazing Charts is a tech-savvy EMR software that works by putting together the best functionalities out there. It offers intuitive clinical functionalities driving practices to success without compromising data confidentiality or disrupting clinical workflow. 

The Nexus EHR software, in contrast, is a simplistic healthcare platform fueled by the intent of streamlining care. This credible platform ups the level of care with innovative clinical specs and even supports real-world testing and an integrated support center. 

Both platforms are unique and comprise distinct functionalities and capabilities. Amazing Charts is an advanced system dealing with clinical complexities at a faster rate than Nexus EHR software. It can tackle more clinical workloads at the same time as Nexus EHR. 

In our opinion, Amazing Charts EMR is a solution for large practices.