Adding Value: 5 Ways To Enhance Your Home’S Curb Appeal

Exterior and curb appeal are some of the most important selling points of a house. Potential buyers gauge their first impression of the house by the exterior, landscaping and drive up to the property. No matter how exquisite a home may be from the inside, if the exterior is drab and lacks personality, it will be a deal breaker.

If you live in The Windy City ( Chicago), consider yourself lucky to be living in one of the most prominent business hubs in the country. Chicago is one of the older cities in the US and has a wealth of history to it. However, as houses in Chicago are known to be fairly dated, it dampens the general appeal that they might have in 2023. Older houses have a distinct style and may lack the finesse of modern houses, especially in such a busy city.

If you plan on adding value to the house, start with curb appeal. Here are five ways to enhance the exterior design and increase the house’s value.

Change the windows

Over time your windows may get dull and lose their transparency. It would be wise to change the glass if you think your windows are becoming dull. You can also consider adding shutters for better appeal. Other than keeping light out, they look great and can enhance curb appeal.

According to a study, the average number of days for a home to sell in Chicago is now 55 days, which is three days more than in July 2022! Home prices have also fallen by 0.7% since May 2022. Hence, hiring a home remodeling company in Chicago to install the right kind of windows is now more important than ever!

Consider changing the window style entirely. Bay windows are one of the best ways to create more space within the house and enhance the exterior design simultaneously. Not only are they extremely functional in terms of space, but they look amazing and can create a much warmer and homely appeal.

Something as simple as window designs can completely change your house’s exterior aesthetic. There are a ton of window designs you can choose from. Just make sure you choose one that suits the rest of the house’s theme.

A coat of paint can do wonders!

Weather, sun damage, and general wear and tear can dull the house’s color and leave it looking extremely drab. Especially for older houses with less-than-optimal building material, you may notice the front paint peeling and chipping over time due to sustained water damage.
If you plan on enhancing the curb appeal,
paint on a fresh coat of weather guard to bring out your house’s true charm.

As mentioned earlier, hiring professionals is always a good idea. Remodeling companies can help you with a few things that can truly make your house pop, especially when it comes to exterior design and curb appeal.


Manicured lawns and trimmed grass make a world of difference to the exterior design. People respond extremely well to greenery. Therefore, make sure you have a good grass-to-house ratio.
Other than that, a golden rule is to place bushes and flower beds within a 2–3-foot space between where the grass ends and the house begins. This helps create distinct space lines while also improving the color gradient for the house’s exterior appeal.

If you want to change things up, consider throwing in some natural rocks, a path through the grass, and lamps for the garden. Another tip is to cut down trees that could pose a threat to the house during strong winds. A storm could topple trees and break branches. If there are trees too close to the house, consider calling in a professional to remove them, as it could be a safety risk.

Add a deck
Patios and decks could be game changers for your back or front yard. People usually add them to the backyard as there is a greater sense of privacy, but there is nothing stopping you from having a wrap-around that comes to the front as well.
Decks are relatively easy to build and can significantly increase your house’s value. Some people choose to do it themselves. However, we wouldn’t advise you to do so if you don’t have prior experience with woodworking. If you could call in the professionals, do it.

Another general tip is to avoid doing wood-related work in the rainy season. The wood could get wet and swell up fast. Moreover, make sure to coat the wood with lacquer and a weather guard as soon as you are done to protect it from natural elements.

Roof and gutters

It would be best to address loose roof shingles or moss growing on the slant. Your roof is the house’s first line of defense against the weather; therefore, it often takes the most damage. Stagnant water could cause algae and moss to grow on the roof, which could cause water seepage and mold inside the house. Moreover, moss growing on the house is repulsive!
Other than that, blocked gutters are quite an eyesore as well. Not only do they look awful, but if they fill out with leaves and water, they could start to smell after a while. The weight of the leaves could also cause the gutters to collapse in some cases, causing serious mess and damage to the property.

Calling in the roof specialists is the best way to deal with the issue. We would not suggest that you climb up and tackle It yourself. There are far too many roof-related injuries each year where people think they can climb up and clean the gutters themselves. Protect yourself and leave it to the professionals, please.


Curb appeal and exterior design is essential if you want to add value to the home and list it for a decent price. The tips mentioned above can greatly improve the exterior’s appeal, increase value, and make for a more comfortable home for the tenants.
We hope that you consider some of the tips that we have mentioned and that this article has helped you in planning how to make your home more attractive to buyers. If you plan on attempting any of these tasks on your own, please only do so if you have experience, safety gear, and people to assist you. Otherwise, please leave it to the professionals; stay safe!