A Hattiesburg Wrongful Death Attorney Will Seek Justice For Your Loss

Losing someone close to you is devastating, but it goes beyond wounding when the death results from wrongful actions or negligence. While the loss can leave families feeling helpless and hopeless, they can seek justice for their loved ones with legal representation.

A wrongful death attorney in Hattiesburg, will review the circumstances of the case and investigate the evidence to determine accountability and credibility for a successful outcome. What steps should you follow when attempting to file a wrongful death claim in Mississippi? Consider these suggestions.

What Steps Should You Follow When Filing A Wrongful Death Claim In Mississippi

Losing a loved one to wrongful actions or negligence on the part of another individual magnifies the pain and suffering of the loss for those left behind. You don’t have to stand helplessly in grief with no recourse. Legal counsel in Hattiesburg is available to help you seek justice for wrongful death.

A priority is searching for an attorney specializing in wrongful death to ensure the professional is knowledgeable and experienced in handling this aspect of the law to achieve the greatest compensation. Consider these suggestions when attempting to get justice for your loved one.

  • Research for adequate legal counsel

A first step following a wrongful death in Mississippi is to consult a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer specializing in this aspect of the law. The professional will help you seek justice in pursuing compensation for negligence or wrongful actions.

The lawyer will guide you through the legal processes to recoup damages, which will include medical costs, funeral and burial expenses, income losses, and on. 

The attorney works to discern liability and establishes a solid case of accountability. Learn the importance of enlisting the services of a wrongful death attorney at https://www.lawyer-monthly.com/2023/02/the-importance-of-hiring-a-wrongful-death-lawyer/

  • Collecting evidence is essential

When building a case, the attorney will need as much evidence as you can collect to support the claim. These documents can include “police reports, medical documents, witness statements, all relevant details.” A wrongful death attorney will assist with gathering these documents to establish their case.

  • Insurance carriers need notification

Insurance carriers would need notification of your loved one’s death as soon as possible, including their life insurance company and the carrier for the at-fault party if they held a liability plan. The lawyer will assist with these details and work to negotiate fair and reasonable compensation for your loss.

  • Documentation aside from the collection of evidence

While the case progresses, it’s essential to make a detailed record of any monetary losses, costs, fees, or charges related to the wrongful death. That will include any medical costs, fees, and charges related to the funeral and burial, lost wages, and on.

The attorney will need this documentation to determine a fair and reasonable settlement when negotiating with the insurance companies or representing you in the courtroom if the case is to go to trial.

  • Put your family and your self-care as a priority

While you need to seek justice, the attorney will handle the casework, and it’s okay to allow the professional to deal with the logistics of the case while you focus on the self-care of you and your family. Losing loved ones is traumatic, especially when the circumstances are based on negligence or wrongful actions.

Close friends and relatives can provide much-needed support, plus support groups of individuals enduring similar circumstances can be exceptionally beneficial. When you allow yourself to grieve, you’ll be more vital to navigate the legal process and move forward following the proceedings.

Final Thought

The definition of wrongful death in Mississippi is “death caused by the negligent or wrongful act of another person or entity.” The survivors, who would include children, spouses, siblings, or parents, can file a lawsuit seeking justice in the form of compensation for the loss.

In Mississippi, the laws are specific with distinct limitations and requirements, making it necessary to become informed and seek the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer specializing in the laws. 

The statute of limitations for filing the case in the state is three years from the date of death. Read here guidelines on wrongful death lawsuits in Mississippi.

No compensation will replace a loved one, but it offers some degree of justice.

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