7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Smart Thermostat Could Do!

Smart thermostats are the future of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In the next 10 years, smart thermostats will be installed in the majority of houses; they are efficient, relatively inexpensive, and can save you money and time! What are the advantages of installing a smart thermostat? Here are a few features of wireless smart thermostats that you may not have known about.

They can detect when you are at home


You are already aware that a smart thermostat may be programmed to use less HVAC energy while you are at work and to turn back on immediately before you go home. However, did you know that certain thermostats can detect when you’re at home and moving about, altering the temperature accordingly? If you are home ill from work, you do not want to be forced to wake up because the thermostat is set to “work day” Smart thermostats can detect when you approach and adjust the temperature accordingly.

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They can display your energy use in real time


Certain smart thermostats may connect to your smartphone immediately over Wi-Fi. Using an app, you can quickly determine how much energy (and money) your HVAC system is consuming each day/week/month and alter the settings accordingly. If you see, for instance, that 40 percent of your energy usage occurs on the weekends, you may change the thermostat by a few degrees and attempt to maintain the interior temperature naturally. Using your app, you may determine whether these actions were successful.

Play music


Obviously, smart speakers are handy for more than just receiving orders. Some wireless smart thermostats may also broadcast music from Spotify and other streaming services via their connection to your home’s Wi-Fi network. The utility of this will depend on the size of the space and the speaker’s quality. Best case scenario, a thermostat with an integrated speaker eliminates the need to purchase a separate smart speaker.

They can gain knowledge from you over time


There are several varieties of  wireless smart thermostats, and not all of them can “learn” on the go. Learning versions track your energy use, preferences (e.g., how frequently you adjust the temperature) and home movements. Even if you’ve adjusted the settings to what you believe to be your ideal temperature, your thermostat can automatically modify itself to become more energy-efficient. 


They are compatible with your other devices


It is standard to be able to manage your smart thermostat with your smartphone or smart speaker. Thus, you may say “Hey Google, increase the temperature in the living room” or “Alexa, turn off the air conditioning.” 


The newest smart thermostats contain built-in speakers and microphones, transforming the thermostat itself into a smart speaker. This creates an abundance of opportunities. One of these features is the ability to speak directly to your smart thermostat. This function is present in the fifth-generation smart thermostat from tado°. It began by being able to accept Alexa instructions and then added Siri functionality. It is a pleasant combination of smart home technologies since they work so well together.

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Use a smart camera as a remote sensor 


Companies that manufacture Smart thermostats have expanded into other connected home products. Smart cameras are a significant category in this market. Since smart thermostats rely largely on presence detection, it would be advantageous to have a few additional data points to work with. Smart thermostats typically utilize a mobile app and a motion sensor on the thermostat to determine if someone is home, but a smart camera may identify anyone who slips between the cracks. Once a smart camera detects a person at home, it may send a signal to the thermostat to activate heating or cooling as necessary.

Connect your fitness tracking device 


One of the greatest benefits of wireless smart thermostats is their capacity to synchronize with your activities, so that when you arrive home from work, for example, the house is already pleasant and warm. By integrating a smart thermostat with a fitness tracker, it is simpler to guarantee that your house is pleasant when you awaken. Fitness trackers keep a careful eye on your sleep pattern, which allows them to not only construct an accurate model of your typical wake periods, but also to forecast anomalies. Thus, your smart thermostat will remain inactive as you sleep after a late Friday night.

Concentrate on Particular Rooms 


As with your golf swing, what you desire and what really occurs are two distinct things. Almost certainly, certain rooms in your home do not heat or cool as effectively as others, or vice versa. When you combine room sensors with any of these wireless smart thermostats, you may prioritize particular rooms for air or use the sensors to measure the temperature in select rooms to notify your thermostat when to reduce or increase the airflow. When paired with sensors, there is no need to avoid entering a sauna in one room and an icebox in another.\




While utilizing your smartphone to adjust the temperature of your home’s heating or cooling before you arrive is convenient, it is not the only advanced function your smart thermostat has over your traditional thermostat. What if we told you that in addition to allowing you to monitor your home’s temperature from your smartphone, your smart thermostat can also learn and reduce your energy bill? Say What!?! 


That is correct. To call these thermostats “smart” would be somewhat of an understatement. You should anticipate all  wireless smart thermostats to feature some type of smart scheduling that you can use to organize your week, as well as an easy-to-read display that is straightforward to browse and utilize. However, various thermostats have varying capabilities. And some are quite remarkable.