7 Important and Must Have Add Ons for Your Brand-New Car

Your dream car is finally here after saving up a bucket load of money. A brand-new car is quite a lot of investment, but it also involves many emotions. Well, your task does not end here. Your brand-new car will look bare without any accessories. A few accessories come as add-ons for your car, while others come handy during day-to-day driving. You can purchase these add-ons from your car dealer or an open market.

Today, various car manufacturers or dealers readily offer attractive car add-ons to customize and upgrade their vehicles according to their choice. When referring to add-ons, it includes the accessories and the insurances and services that are equally imperative to ensure the safety of the car and the driver.

Your car should have specific essential and practical equipment that can aid you in an emergency and let you make the most of your time when traveling by road. Even if you don’t have enough money to buy new wheels, you can still equip your automobile with the necessary accessories and trendiest electronics. Whether it’s a matter of safety or entertainment, the accessories glam up your car to make it look attractive and increase its resale value. So, here is a breakdown of the top seven car important add-ons that are a must-have for your brand-new vehicle. 

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Car Insurance and Zero Depreciation Cover

Car insurance is a must-have for every new car worldwide, including in Puerto Rico and other
neighboring countries, because it has many benefits like it helps claim damages to your vehicle
due to an accident or if someone steals it. Meanwhile, if you reside in Puerto Rico, car
insurance is mandatory public liability insurance required by the government for all private cars
transiting in the country. Car insurance in Puerto Rico also covers damages caused to other
cars up to $4000 due to a traffic accident.

Specific car insurance policies mention clearly that they do not cover certain factors or situations of driving in their policy. These factors may include casual wear and tear, damage due to illegal purposes, drink and drive cases, and willful damage caused by the owner. But if you purchase the add-on plans, they can be included in your car insurance policy at the cost of a higher premium.

Furthermore, for new automobiles, zero-depreciation cover add-on is highly recommended. It helps lower the depreciation cost applicable to replace parts such as fiber, plastic/rubber, metal, and paint material. Also known as nil depreciation or bumper-to-bumper coverage, this plan provides complete coverage since it excludes the depreciation issue. It typically costs around 15-20% of the usual premiums and appears to be quite helpful to all automobile owners.

Security System

Do you think your neighbor is eyeing your brand-new car, or are you afraid of those car thieves? If you answer yes, you must install the security system as soon as you purchase the vehicle. The latest models of certain car brands have a pre-installed security system. It is good to have them installed by a car dealer at an authorized center if your automobile does not have them already. 

You may install a car tracker to locate and track your car and send the necessary information to your mobile. It allows you to immobilize your vehicle in case of theft by simply sending a text over your cell phone. This security system also comes with an SOS button through which it can provide the car location to five other people of your choice.

Parking Sensors

Parking sensors warn when your car is close to any obstacle to avoid a collision. Today, the latest car models come with a parking sensor as a standard feature already added by the manufacturer. However, few car parking sensors have a voice-guided feature that will give you the signal with a beep when the car gets too close to any object that can damage your vehicle. The sensors are usually at the rear side bumper of the car, and the LED screen is on the car’s dashboard. 

Chip and Dent Protection

Nothing is more annoying than having a dent or scratch on a new automobile. Therefore, isn’t it convenient that the car dealer would offer you plans to cover these occurrences? Yes, to some extent. Knowing that you’re covered with the chip and dent protection plan, this time, you will be less shocked to see a dent on your car.

There are benefits to having this kind of policy with you to guarantee that your automobile is in perfect condition when you sell it off only to buy a new one. Honestly, it’s a sensible policy. But, if you are a great driver and look after your car like a baby keeping dents and scratches away, you may not need it.

If this is the situation, you may as well hire a dent expert on a case-by-case basis. However, if you believe it is possible, take advantage of this add-on feature. Be aware that scheduling an appointment with the auto shop to get the repair done may cause delays.

Roadside Assistance Add-on

Are you on your way to work, and the car suddenly has a flat tire? Or it runs out of gas, or the engine breaks down for whatever reason in a remote location? You may face unneeded difficulties, such as spending long hours stranded on the road or seeking acceptable alternatives. The Roadside Assistance service was created with scenarios like these in mind when the insurer ensures to come to your aid right away.
Even if you lock the car doors before taking out your keys, the insurer will make sure to send someone from their company to your house. They can pick up a duplicate car key and bring it to you at your location. This add-on feature is also inexpensive, and it depends on the model of your car. The best feature of this add-on is its classified service and does not count against your claim, regardless of the number of times you use it.

Folding Exterior Mirrors

The side-view mirrors are the most susceptible portion of your vehicle, and they are mostly exposed to pedestrian traffic and other automobiles in the parking lots. Repainting or replacing exterior mirrors is also an annoyance. Fortunately, many automobile manufacturers provide the option of placing the folding of the mirrors on the vehicle. This folds out of the way once you’ve parked your car.

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Engine Protection

The engine is among the most vital components of an automobile and the most expensive. This add-on coverage will assist you in having your vehicle’s engine insured, which isn’t covered by a basic comprehensive policy. In addition, various car parts needed in automotive repairs, such as gearbox oil, engine oil, nuts and bolts, lubricants, and so on, can be covered by add-on insurance.

The Bottom Line

Having a new car is a unique experience, and to take this experience to another level, you must have some crucial add-ons. Hopefully, the accessories and add-ons listed above can help you make your car look stylish and safeguard you and the car from various issues. If you do not have them already, perhaps it’s time to contact your car dealer and contact them about your car now. And if you are unsure about which add-on is a must and which is not, consult with a car expert to know everything in detail. 

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