6 Great Countries to Work Remotely and Travel

Imagine you can move your office wherever you want and run your business while experiencing a new country. Working remotely can provide this besides many other advantages it offers. All you need to know is which country has adequate conditions for you as a remote employee and is it worth it to embark on an adventure or not. 

Among numerous choices, it may be hard for you to decide which country to migrate to become a digital nomad.

There are lots of factors that affect ranking but we listed 6 countries considering prominent features such as Internet infrastructure, traveling opportunities, cost of living, obtaining a work visa, safety, free flights and happiness index. All six countries have their pros and cons so you do not need to focus on a sequence. Instead of that, consider them as the most desirable countries to work remotely and take advantage of the recommendations and comments on them. 

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6 Great Countries for Remote Work and Travel 

  • Germany

Germany is #1 according to the Global Remote Work Index. One of the prominent reasons to choose Germany is that it has a great life standard. The cost of living is not cheap there but when compared to other European countries, it is less expensive. Of course, it is up to your job, salary, and conditions of life that you wanted to build. 

It has a great healthcare and education system so you do not have to get anxious about your health and your or your children’s education. Social life in Germany is also indisputable with a great range of cultural activities, social groups, cafes, and restaurants. When it comes to remote working, technical features become important. Germany offers a strong Internet infrastructure and a safe online experience. 

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  • Portugal

According to the Global Remote Work Index, Portugal ranks 18th. Portugal is a country where you can work remotely and also travel around. As a digital nomad, you can work anywhere you want, so traveling at the same time will not be a problem for you. All you need is a comfortable environment and adequate Internet Service. In Portugal, Internet infrastructure has been developing day by day. The climate is milder than in other European countries so you consider outside places to work and get satisfied with your working environment. 

Portugal also offers many traveling choices for both tourists and digital nomads. With plenty of daily activities that you can do without affecting your budget, there is no better place than Portugal. Especially if you live in Lisbon, you can visit most of the European cities at ease. 

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  • Thailand 

If you would like to work at the seaside and drink your delicious local coffee while getting things done, Thailand could be a perfect place for you to work remotely. Thailand offers coworking spaces and you can be sure that even if the cafes have a fast Internet connection, the Internet is faster in coworking spaces. The average rent of an apartment there is like $265 for an apartment so renting is relatively cheap. Getting a tourist visa is uncomplicated in Thailand. 

You can discover the natural beauties of Thailand such as local villages, waterfalls, hills, and white sandy beaches. So, if you want to work and enjoy your working destination at the same time, you should consider Thailand which is ranked 41st in the Global Remote Work Index.  among your other options. 

  • Mexico

Mexico has become one of the  most stunning countries to work remotely. It is because it offers coworking spaces with a speed and strong Internet connection. When it comes to visas,  Mexico keeps making you happy. Tourists can obtain visas that last six months. Another benefit of working remotely in Mexico is that its time zone is compatible with many of the US cities so if you work with  a US-based office, Mexico could be the best choice for you. 

You can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mexico and find lots of outdoor activities such as cycling around Mexico cities, visiting Aztec gardens, and cultural trips to the museums. You can also do an outdoor photoshoot at Cancun’s great beaches with a local Cancun photographer.

  • South Africa

For people that would like to experience different things, South Africa is highly recommended for working remotely. You can find delicious, quality but relatively cheap food there and enjoy the local delicacies. South Africa also offers a strong and stable Internet connection so you do not need to be worried about having communication problems in your business. 

South Africa also offers waiting-to- discovery deserts and stunning views of the Atlantic. To travel around South Africa could always be exciting for you due to there is so much to do there.

  • Indonesia

Plenty of remote employees prefer İndonesia for remote working. Because they take advantage of the island climate and peace when they run their business. If you enjoy nature, healthy local food, and different activities that you have never experienced before, İndonesia can be recommended. But, you should know that not every place in İndonesia has the same standards for remote workers. Although İndonesia has more than 17,500 islands, Bali and Java are the most preferred ones for their Internet infrastructure, crime rate, and living standards.  

There are lots of housing choices there such as luxury villas, moderate villas, two-bedroom houses, etc. So you can find a budget- friendly place without wasting so much energy or time on it.

Explore Your Choices 

Each person needs and also expects different things for the country that they will work in. So, the best thing to do is evaluate your choices and decide on the appropriate one.  You should know that the countries for working remotely and traveling are not limited to the above. But you can check the prominent features of the countries and measure them if they meet your requirements.