5 Ways to Achieve a Minimalistic House Design

Your house should be your source of comfort. When you go home, your space should feel soothing and peaceful. But you can only capture this ambiance if your house is sufficiently clear. Nothing is more frustrating than your clothing spilling from the closets, large furniture crowding your space, and having no room to walk out and enjoy the silence of your house. To avoid all this fuss, consider going minimalistic and adopting a simple style for your home. Minimalism is a lifestyle choice. 

The idea is to focus on a few items and allow them to be the centerpiece of your house. As a result, you get space to move around, don’t feel stressed by the amount of furniture in every room, and may even enjoy the airy sensation of having more room. So, how do you get started? Here’s what you need to do:

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Anytime you start a renovation project, you must begin your work from scratch. Since you can’t throw your furniture and clothing out, create separate piles. After which, you need to focus on the items you want to keep and the ones you want to get rid of entirely. For instance, if you live in a colder region like Grande Prairie, Alberta, you know that you’ll need your winter gear more than your summer outfits. Grande Prairie’s snowy season lasts about six months, running from October to March, so shift your summer clothes into storage and put your winter outfits in the closet. 

You can enlist Google’s help to find storage units by looking up “storage Grande Prairie AB” and starting the shifting process swiftly. These storage units come in all sizes. So, if you need a big area to put your furniture and clothes, you can acquire one according to your needs. With the help of your storage unit, clear out your house. 

It’s also an excellent time to sell items you don’t need or donate them if you feel you no longer have any use for them. When your house is sufficiently empty, think about how you want to work on each room and build your vision from there.

Also, you can prefer glass balustrades to achive minimalistic house design.
  • Hire a professional interior designer

Sometimes decorating your space alone takes work. You may feel overwhelmed by what you want to keep and what you should discard. In such cases, you should look into hiring a professional designer. While some interior professionals are expensive, you can find some seasoned experts who can offer you advice for a reasonable price. 

Ask an interior designer to come to your house and create a blueprint. Allow them to take reign of your home and start designing it for you. If there are certain items you want to hold onto, like furniture or pictures, ensure to let them know. 

Interior designers are certified professionals who decorate a space according to your home’s size, structure, and design. They’ll see what you need to keep, what items can liven up your room, and what is only causing a mess. If you want to personalize your space but still want a designer to weigh in, you can always hold an online meeting and, through videos and pictures, discuss the renovation process at length.


  • Get rid of numerous artwork

Decorating the walls can be challenging. You may feel tempted to cover every inch of an exposed wall with fancy artwork or paintings. But don’t do that. Minimalism is all about using a handful of art and images instead of getting carried away. So, it’s best to purchase one big picture and use it for your wall. And this can be an expensive painting or a picture of your family. 

Gallery walls that are littered with numerous pictures are hard to maintain. It’s also challenging to clean the wall behind because you may have too many wall pieces to wipe down. That’s why, to make your life easier, choose one centerpiece that should be the highlight of your wall and if you want to add more color, put a large plant next to it. You can never go wrong with a large black-and-white painting. These look classy and timeless without making your space look tacky.

  • Use multipurpose furniture

Avoid buying furniture sets. You may end up with five-six pieces of items you don’t need that may fill up your house. It would help if you went for furniture that you can use in a multipurpose manner. For instance, you can find sofas that come with an attached recliner. This tactic saves you the trouble of buying a footstool. Likewise, invest in a shelving unit with a fold-out table if you need space in your kitchen, living room, or office. It allows you to put your books, have room for snacks, and it doubles as a workspace or dining table.

Similarly, the area under your bed is also an excellent storage area. You can easily squeeze a drawer into this space and use it to put your blankets, bedsheets, and even duvet. If you have children, they can use the drawers under their beds to store their toys.

  • Keep consistent with the material you use

Consistency is the best way to maintain a minimalistic style. Choose one material that you like and use it to decorate your house. For example, if you pick bleached oak furniture, ensure every item you get is closely associated with bleached oak. 

If you jump between different textures and styles, you’ll make your space look messy again. If you’re looking for inspiration, look up lifestyle magazines like vogue or read the popular Japanese organizer Marie Kondo’s blog, who’s known for her minimalistic style.

Final thoughts

Minimalism is a lifestyle that embraces simplicity yet is also trendy. If you’re fond of airy and spacious houses, you can quickly achieve this feat. Start emptying your space so you can clearly understand what you are working with and what you need to discard. If you have a steady budget, you may consult professionals like interior designers to help you decorate your space better. Simultaneously, get one elegant art piece over several smaller ones to make a statement. It would help if you switch to dual-purpose furniture instead of investing in individual pieces to save on space. Lastly, stick to using one material since consistency is one of the critical components of minimalism. While there are more ways you can try out to achieve your goal, these methods are a great starting point.