5 Top Timeshare Cancellation Companies in 2023 

Are you looking for a solution to get out of your frustrating timeshare? If it’s true, you might search for timeshare cancellation companies. There are many timeshares exit companies available. But not every company is legit. 

This article contains a list of some of the top timeshare cancellation companies. You can trust these companies; they are fully transparent and authentic in their words. In this post, you’ll learn about legitimate timeshare exit companies and what to look for in timeshare exit companies before hiring. 

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What to Look for Timeshare Exit Companies? 

It’s necessary to know what you are searching for in a timeshare exit company. The timeshare exit industry is full of frauds and scams, so ensuring you are going with the best possible choice is crucial. Fortunately, here are some basic measures your perfect timeshare exit company should meet. 

  • Escrow – The first thing you need to consider before hiring the exit company is whether the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee or an escrow payment option. It’s for peace of mind or for clients to feel safe that their money is in good hands. Moreover, the company will only pay after completing the exit service. 
  • Review and rating – The second thing you need to consider before hiring the company is the company’s online reputation. You can check the ratings on reputable sources such as Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, and Yelp. These reviews and ratings will help you understand the company’s relations with previous clients. 
  • Use of attorneys – Last but not least, you need to check whether the company takes the help of attorneys in the timeshare exit process. Not every time a company requires attorneys, but in some cases, attorneys play an essential role in finding discrepancies and false information in the contract. 

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List of Timeshare Exit Companies 

The top timeshare cancellation companiesare Wesley Financial Group, Timeshare Compliance, Resolution Timeshare, Seaside Consulting Group, and Timeshare Specialists. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

  • Wesley Financial Group – Wesley Financial Group is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, and has been operating since 2011. The company is among the most significant and genuine in the timeshare industry. Some pros of the company are a 100% money-back guarantee, impressive online rating, excellent customer service, A+ accredited with BBB, and highly reputable and knowledgeable staff.  
  • Timeshare Compliance – Timeshare Compliance is a trustworthy timeshare exit company and has been working in this business since 2012. The company is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and provides its best services to timeshare owners. The pros of Timeshare Compliance are an escrow payment option, excellent customer service, A+ accredited with BBB, Spanish-speaking agents, positive reviews online, available on weekends. 
  • Resolution Timeshare – Resolution timeshare is the top timeshare cancellation company in the USA. It has been operating from Madison, New Jersey, and Orlando, Florida. The goods of Resolution Timeshare are no-upfront fee needed, flat rate service fees, transparency, industry experience, and excellent online reviews. 
  • Seaside Consulting Group – Seaside Consulting Group is a legitimate timeshare cancellation company that can cancel your timeshare contract. The company has several benefits, including an escrow payment option, excellent customer service, A+ accredited with BBB, working with attorneys, and being able to work with the timeshares in collection and foreclosure. 
  • Timeshare Specialists – Timeshare Specialists is a timeshare exit and resale company that has been working in this business since 2012. The company is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. Some benefits of Timeshare Specialists are no up-front fees, a credit will not be negatively affected, A+ accredited with BBB without complaint, excellent customer service, and many more. 

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If you are frustrated with your timeshare liabilities, you can hire a legit timeshare exit company to eliminate this problem. You can also choose the top timeshare cancellation companies that are mentioned above. 

Hopefully, this article helps you understand the legit timeshare cancellation companies you can trust.