4 Mainstream Companies That Already Accept Crypto Payments

Nowadays, crypto is no longer a niche subject. While it’s still typically more beloved by the tech-savvy community, there are plenty of major companies that openly accept it. This has only added fuel to the fire of its popularity.

But if you’re not sure about cryptocurrencies’ practical uses, let’s assuage your doubts by looking into only some of the companies that do welcome it. Grab that virtual wallet of yours and get ready to shop, shop, shop!


We’re starting off with quite a bang – Microsoft. As one of the leading tech companies in the world, it shouldn’t come as anyone’s surprise that it is a pioneer of the crypto sphere and openly accepts.

Those who avidly follow trustworthy websites that report on crypto news might already know that it was one of the first ones to do so, starting with Bitcoin sometime around 2014. This decision was a big milestone, not only for the legitimacy of the coin in question but for the company too. No tech company wants to be the last at anything, especially when it comes to tech advancements, regardless of the sector.

Plus, the more payment methods available, the easier it is for people to pay for their products/services in their online store. This can only be good, as there rarely is such a thing as too many options.

Once again, Microsoft has shown exactly how forward-thinking and open-minded they are. This was ultimately a smart decision, and we can only hope that they continue expanding on it to allow it as a payment method not only in their online store but also in the Xbox One.


Next up we have the gamers-favorite Twitch. This iconic live-streaming platform also accepts cryptocurrencies, however, this does depend on your region so you might not have the option.

For those who do have this option, Twitch originally allowed users to pay via Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash directly on the platform but quietly removed this for unknown reasons. Luckily, they brought this feature back with a major revamp.

Now, they accept over 50 currencies via Bitpay. Since most of the users of both cryptocurrencies and Twitch are typically millennials and Gen Zers, it makes complete sense that they have decided to add this back to their platform.

In addition, this payment option is suitable for more than just subscription services. Creators can even add a crypto donation button to make it easier for their viewers to send them donations.

As it stands, while Twitch was the first live-streaming platform to accept crypto, it is certainly not the last one with platforms like Dlive quickly joining in the ranks. However, no one can take away from them the fact that they starting the trend for such websites.


When you think about it, crypto and VPN kind of go hand-in-hand when it comes to safety and anonymity. So it’s no surprise that SurfShark, a major VPN service, also accepts cryptocurrencies.

In fact, it currently accepts 10 different ones, from the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum to the rising Ripple and Monero. Such payments are currently available on SurfShark via CoinGate and CoinPayments.

With that being said, SurfShark is one of the most affordable options out there, while still providing exceptional service. Plus, if you use one of the nifty discount codes available out there you can get it for an absolute steal. If you’re not sure how to find such codes, there are plenty of YouTubers who mention a specific code provided to them by SurfShark to promote it to their followers.

When you combine all of the above information, plus the fact that you can use SurfShark on your PC, phone, and browser and pay for it all using crypto – it’s honestly an incomparable VPN service. So if you’re looking for a new VPN, this specific one should definitely be considered.

Virgin Galactic

Okay, when you think of Virgin Galactic, if innovation is not the first thing that pops into your head then what is? This spaceflight company is part of the Virgin Group, who have basically dipped their fingers into every pie possible, from banking and books to air travel and now space.

This company is set to do some groundbreaking work in space tourism, with its main goal being to offer commercial flights to outer space. And to top it all off, they decided to also accept crypto as a form of payment. Absolutely incredible.

While private flights to space are still a very niche market, with only the richest of people and astronauts typically able to go on them, this will not be the case in the near future. So it’s nice to know that when the time comes, we regular Janes and Joes will have the option to pay via Bitcoin for a leisurely trip to space.


As more and more companies embrace cryptocurrencies, this will obviously trickle down to the modern consumer. This fruitful collaboration is sure to be beneficial for all parties involved.

So regardless if you’re looking to buy a software license from Microsoft or book a flight to space with Virgin Galactic, why not try out cryptocurrency as your next form of payment?