4 First-time Trade Show Display Design Tips to Keep in Mind

Trade shows are essential places for promotions and attracting an audience towards a brand. If you are participating in trade show displays for the first time, then you need to understand various factors that will attract more audience to your booth. There are sales tactics, products and related offers that attract audiences, but along with this, there are also looks at the trade show displays that decide its effectiveness.

So, if you are a first-timer for trade shows, you have to understand a few tips to showcase the best display to the audience. There are custom trade show displays that will help you design it according to your wishes, so make use of it and endorse your brand.

What are Important Tips for Installing Trade Show Displays?

  • You have a few seconds to attract an audience wisely: This is the most crucial point you have to keep in mind. There are, on average, two to five seconds to attract the attention of attendees. If you can attract them within these seconds, you will encourage them to enter your booth and endorse your brand. This means that the looks of your display should be unique, eye-catching, and attractive to give a more powerful visual presence to the audience.
  • Make sure the displays and fonts are visible and readable from a distant: You must make sure that the displays are readable from a distance of around 20-30 feet so that the audience can reach out to your booth. It is one of the most common mistakes by the company to display small fonts which the audience is unable to decipher from a distance. It will not help you to generate foot traffic. Therefore, it is better that at least you keep headings and essential points in large fonts.
  • Keep it consistent: In addition to readability, you must ensure that there are consistent design elements with the same colours and artefacts. You should use two to three typefaces and use them consistently for your displays and promotional elements.
  • Make it easy for consumers to connect with you: Consumers must be able to connect with you on social media, where they can explore your business, products, and services. Not every attendee in the trade show will enter your booth, and therefore, you must ensure to add URLs of Facebook or other social media pages.

So, these are specific essential tips to ensure that the audience is attracted towards your booth and becomes a fan of your product or services.