4 Easy Ways to Keep High-Traffic Commercial Floor Areas Clean 

Keeping your commercial office space is an important aspect of maintaining a professional image for employees, customers and visitors in general. Some companies may have designated customer spaces (such as reception areas) that see a lot of continued foot traffic all day.

Many business owners make the cleaning process easier by investing in quality commercial flooring Melbourne companies resort to for a professional look. Despite buying top-notch flooring from the onset, what else can you do to keep your office floor looking clean and crisp?

Expert Tips for Keeping Office Floors Clean

Some high-traffic office floors can quickly become dirty. Customers treading in dirt from outside, staff messing coffee on the floor, and even children spilling food or drinks in the customer waiting area are just a few of the reasons that can cause your office floor to lose its sparkle. Fortunately, our cleaning experts have compiled a few top hacks to help you keep your floor fresh, clean and bacteria-free. Head over to Larnec Doors to find out more about industrial doors.

  1. Create the Right Design

If you’re setting up your office space from the ground up, it’s important to create a design that facilitates high-traffic areas. An example of this is installing a hard surface at the entrance to catch walked-in dirt before transitioning to carpet. 

When you’re setting up an office that already has its design and furniture in place, it may be harder to create a clean high-traffic area. In this instance, you can opt to refurbish the floors with the commercial carpets Melbourne businesses often use. These types of flooring options are designed for easy cleaning and to be stain resistant. 

With a wide selection of options on offer, you can choose between vinyl and carpeting to complement your current décor. 

  1. Consider a Walk-Off Mat Option at Entrance and Exit Points

Floors can easily become dirty with continued traffic. This can be made worse on rainy days when it’s easier than ever for visitors to track dirt into the office. A good way to counter getting all this mud and grime straight onto your office carpet is to install walk-off systems at all the entrances and exits.

Essentially, a walk-off system helps collect dirt before the person reaches the carpeted area. Walk-off systems are usually made up of a hard type of flooring or rubber that users can wipe their feet on before reaching the carpet area. This will not only keep the carpets cleaner but will prevent them from getting damaged and stained.

  1. Adopt a Cleaning Culture in the Business

A general rule in your business should be for everyone to be involved in general cleaning activities. If your company employs a cleaner, be sure to clearly define what needs to be done and when it should be done. Floors in high-traffic areas should be cleaned daily. 

In workspaces where the staff are responsible for cleaning their own works areas, draw up a roster to ensure that the right cleaning is done at the appropriate times. Provide the right cleaning materials for the types of floors that you have. Keep in mind that some harsh chemicals can strip the shine off the floors, or stain carpets. 

Check with the manufacturer of the flooring for recommendations on the right cleaning chemicals to use. This is essential since some floors shouldn’t be scrubbed and others need to be buffed or polished. A few simple rules to implement regardless of who does the cleaning, include:

  • Clean up spills and stains as soon as possible
  • Employees should be responsible for keeping their workstations clean—this includes the floor area
  • Bathroom floors should be washed daily
  • Waiting areas, kitchens and bathrooms should have floors that are easy to clean by simply mopping with warm water
  • Limit employee eating to the kitchen and canteen to avoid food spills from happening on the office carpets or floors
  1. Invest in Preventative Maintenance Cleanings

Despite regular cleaning, it’s also crucial to schedule deep cleaning sessions that involve steaming and scrubbing. This will ensure that ingrained dirt gets removed before causing permanent damage to the carpet material. The frequency of these cleaning sessions will depend on the floor material, amount of traffic and office location. 

If your office is in an area that gets a lot of rain, it may be a good idea to ensure that the area leading up to the office door is paved rather than gravel or sand. Finally, hard surface flooring may require the occasional buffing to ensure the floor stays shiny. 

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Final Thought

Keeping high-traffic spaces clean is important to ensure that your commercial floors remain durable and look professional. Implement a few basic rules to keep the general office and high-traffic areas clean, no matter who is using the space. By using the right cleaning materials and investing in walk-offs at strategic places, you’ll be on your way to keeping your high-traffic areas clean in a more effortless way!