Where should you head to for vacation this summer? The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited location in the United States. There are numerous attractions for vacationers to entertain themselves and make their adventures worthwhile. This year, organize a post-spring trip with your friends/family and travel to this ancient Appalachian territory. Let’s discuss how to enjoy your trip to the Great Smokies.

Different attractions in the Great Smokies

Experts believe that the summer months (June, July, and August) are perfect for travelers who intend to visit the Great Smokies this year. The Cherokee tribesmen called these mountains “shaconage” because of the blue mist circling the peaks. Perched on the Tennessee-North California border, this decades-old park invites millions of vacationers annually who come to appreciate its smokey beauty. Your family can enjoy the various activities in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for entertainment. This location welcomes visitors with different attractions, some of which we’ll mention here. Now, here’s what you can do for entertainment while moving through the Great Smokies with your buddies:

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  • Dolly Parton’s Stampede:-

Dolly Parton hails from Pigeon Forge and co-owns several attractions. You should visit Dolly Parton’s Stampede, one of the great Pigeon Forge dinner shows, for some feasting and a thrilling extravaganza for family-centric adventures during your trip. Featuring competitions, stunts, and musical productions, these high-spirited exhibitions are a source of entertainment for everyone, regardless of their age. So, don’t forget to visit Dolly Parton-featured attractions in the Great Smokies this summer. 

  • Smoky Mountain Opry:-

Who doesn’t enjoy a high-quality musical variety show! Shown in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, this event offers dance, aerial acrobatics, and music ranging from classics to country. They’ll present songs from famous artists, including Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, and Carrie Underwood. Also, laser lights, special effects, and amazing costumes make these glittering live performances more enjoyable. So, don’t miss the next show!

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  • Ober Gatlinburg:-

How about some mountaintop entertainment with your friends! We suggest Ober Gatlinburg as one of the foremost attractions in the Great Smokies. Ober Gatlinburg was established in the 1960s, and this location offers many activities such as skiing, ice-skating, and snowboarding. If you’re not into physical activities, we suggest shopping at Ober Gatlinburg and exploring local crafts. It’s almost a tradition to take the famous Aerial Tramway up to Mount Harrison in the Great Smokies.  

  • Tubing in Townsend:-

Now, you can enjoy the sensation of floating down the river in Townsend when you’re journeying to the Great Smokies. Labeled the “peaceful entrance” to the Great Smokies, Townsend has become famous for its several attractions since Gatlinburg has a traffic problem. Most of them are museums. However, visitors may go tubing and rafting in the Little River. If you don’t like floating in the river, there’s always some fish to catch! But, seriously, do try tubing in Townsend once.

  • The Appalachian trail:-

This 3,500-kilometers-long “Scenic Trail” has served as one of the most popular attractions in these mountains. Passing through fourteen states, the world’s longest hiking-only track bisects the park as two million walkers traverse its various portions annually. Since visitors don’t have enough time to complete the journey, they can always finish a section of the Appalachian Trail in one day. For instance, a person may take the seven-miles-long pathway From Newfound Gap Road to Clingmans Dome.

  • The lumberjack feud:-

One of the most amazing events you can attend involves a long-lasting feud between lumberjacks in Pigeon Forge. Called Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud, this tourist attraction presents many interactive competitions involving woodcutting. You can either observe experienced lumberjacks competing in this event or challenge them yourself. So, have fun being beaten by the country’s strongest lumberjacks! It’s a completely entertaining activity, the parallel of which isn’t available outside the Great Smokies.  

  • The Wonders of Magic:-

Attend the Wonders of Magic show if you’re interested in illusions and enchantment. This delightful presentation at Pigeon Forge features some world-famous magicians and tricksters. But the show’s popularity doesn’t just come from large-scale David Copperfield-like illusions. There’s also music, comedy, sleights of hand, and Houdini-styled escapes. The most famous presentations there involve Terry Evanswood, one of the most famous wizards in recent history. 

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  • Flyaway Indoor Skydiving:-

In Pigeon Forge, dinner shows aren’t the only attractions visitors are crazy about today! When your friends are exhausted from visiting the Ripley’s and dining at the Apple Barn, convince them to go to Flyaway Indoor Skydiving to test their human flight abilities in a vertical wind tunnel established in the 1980s. You can enjoy skydiving without jumping off an airplane and still revel in the adrenaline rush skydivers experience. You can participate in a single session or join their personalized coaching program. Also, it’s fun for folks aged 5-90. 

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  • Great Smokies Railroad:-

This family-centric activity revolves around scenic train outings across several valleys, along different rivers, and through various tunnels. You can board these trains from downtown Bryson City located near Cherokee. The 85-kilometers-long trail enables visitors to appreciate the beauty of mountains while riding typical locomotives. If you’re not a ziplining enthusiast and don’t admire rafting as much, these vintage excursions are the perfect entertainment. Now, get on board today.

  • “Unto These Hills”:-

“Unto These Hills” dramatizes the “Trail of Tears.” Thousands of ancient Native Americans were banished from their homelands in the 19th century and traveled across nine states to present-day Oklahoma. This story contains your traditional elements of theater, i.e., love, action, and betrayal. In Cherokee, you can watch this live-action theater to appreciate the majesty of the Native American culture. You can see amazing costumes in this fine play while enjoying singing and dancing. So, do visit Cherokee (North Carolina) for this exhibition. 


The pandemic is almost over, and we can all head to the vacation destinations of our choice. To make your vacation more interesting you can take your collapsible cabin with you. They can be easily moved and relocated to any location as per your requirement. Whether you need to move them from one place to another, you can do so without any hassle. Statistics indicate that nearly 300 million people visited American national parks last year. Once again, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park topped the catalog with over 14 million visitors in 2021, thereby being the most-visited park in the country. So, we suggest you travel to the Great Smokies with your friends/family this summer.

How can you guys entertain yourselves there? You may go tubing in Townsend, walk the Appalachian trail, and watch ancient Cherokee theatres. In Pigeon Forge, you can watch dinner shows, take skydiving lessons, or challenge local lumberjacks. It can be exhilarating and fun for everyone!

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